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Most of us know that the foods we eat literally become a part of us. The elements within food break down and are used by our bodies in rebuilding new cells of every kind; we’re made up of trillions of these cells…they make us. The food however is not the only thing that becomes us; everything we consume becomes a part of us, including what we read, what we listen to, the sounds and vibrations we hear, and all of the other “non-physical” elements we absorb daily.  In this article, “Healthier Living: We are what we consume”, we look at different aspects of what we consume and how it impacts us.


Every day we’re subjected to massive amounts of stimuli. Our brain has a filter that weeds out much of it in an effort to help us focus on the most important things. Though the brain is exceptional at this, the stimuli we’re exposed to are still consumed by the mind, though we aren’t always conscious of it. Aware of it or not, we’re impacted by all this consumed information.

For example, Americans in 2020 encounter roughly 6,000-10,000 ads per day[1]. While we don’t consciously recognize thousands of ads daily, thanks to the brain’s filtering system, we’re still exposed to them. That information is stored in our non-conscious mind, where we’re often affected by them. 

Ads are just one example of the powerful environmental cues that enter our mind and create or affect our thoughts, and in turn our behaviors and our being. In a very real sense, the stimuli surrounding us literally become a part of who we are, mentally and physically. 

Change your environment, change you.


Whether it be the news, social media, books or articles, music, the people we talk to, or any other “content” we consume, we intake a lot of information daily, and all of it affects our energies, mind, and very life experience itself. 

The content we absorb shapes the thoughts that go through our head, and has a direct effect on our behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyle. As we’re consuming media, psychological and physiological processes are taking place. 

If we’re reading a sad article, it causes our vibrations to be lowered. If we’re reading a post with a controversial topic, it can elevate our heart rate. These responses cause a reaction that becomes a part of us, our experience, and often our actions. 

We literally are built out of everything we consume. 


Recently I’ve become aware of how powerfully these stimuli affect me, mentally and physically. So, I’ve made it a priority to do what I can to make these stimuli boost my wellbeing. While there is no one specific list of actions that are best for everyone, I’d like to share my top four strategies that have made an immense difference to my wellness.

  1. Music

I changed much of the music that I listened to; I now make sure to only listen to songs without negative lyrics or foul language. I also choose songs that have either an upbeat or calming vibe. I had no idea how much the tone of a song or its lyrics affected me until I was intentional about what I listened to. Doing this has boosted my overall energy and mood and has helped decrease anxiety and stress. 

  • Picture Reminders

I’ve intentionally placed different pictures around my living space that elevate my energies. These pictures vary, but they all represent something positive. For example, I have a large picture of a sunrise hanging in my bedroom. Each time I see it, it automatically elevates my energies and is a subtle cue of positivity.

  • Books, Articles, and Media

I avoid having any magazines, newspapers, etc. in my space, as these often contain negative content. I not only am selective about what I’ll read, but I take it a step further by placing specific books around, ones that have positive titles, which subconsciously reminds me of positive things. I also never leave the news or radio on in the background, which expose me to unnecessary ads or potentially negative content. 

  • Bring Nature In

I’ve intentionally brought nature in, to make up for the time I’m not always able to be out. I’ve opened up my living spaces to allow for increased levels of natural light, which alone made an impressive difference to the energies of the space! I also surrounded my space with living plants, which served to give a very elevating visual setting while also helping create clean air. 

It’s imperative to be aware that all of the stimuli around us not only affects us, but also becomes a part of our being. If we want to experience a truly vibrant state of health and happiness, it’s essential to be intentional about the environment we place ourselves in and all of the content we allow our mind to be exposed to daily. 

Change the vibrations of these contents, change your life. 

Author- Bree West (Youveda Contributor)

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