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Polar Energies in Ancient Traditions

There’s no question that we are coming to a greater awareness and deeper understanding of the divine feminine in our current day and age. In order to grasp the importance of this energy and essence, we must start at the very beginning, at the root and seed of all life. In Ayurveda, there are two primary and fundamental forces that are responsible for the creation of everything. You may have heard of these before. You may even be very familiar with the words Shiva and Shakti, also known as Purusha and Prakruti. The former being the spirit consciousness and essence of all things and the latter being the creative spark and actual form life takes. Prakruti, the expression of the divine feminine, has color and form, dancing the dance of creation, the beloved, with Purusha being the lover. Creation and manifestation of the universe is said to happen through their love and union, that of Prakruti and Purusha, a combination of energies in polarity.

Similar to Yin and Yang in the Taoist tradition, these forces come together to create a whole; without one the other cannot exist, and without both nothing can exist. Ayurveda goes on to describe that these forces then create cosmic consciousness or intelligence known as Mahat. In this tradition, these forces go on to then describe the intelligence of human beings and the potential awakening of human consciousness which is known as Buddhi. These subtle energies then give rise to ego or ahamkara which is responsible for the feeling we sometimes experience – that of being a separate individual or self rather than part of the whole of mahat. 

The Modern World Through an Ayurvedic Lens

The basis of a life led by Ayurveda or an Ayurvedic lifestyle is to reunite and live in alignment with Cosmic intelligence, in balance and harmony with the seasons and the flow of these energies. There is a collective unconsciousness in the world right now known as chitta. This is one that has forgotten the true nature of all as interconnected, and today, also forgotten the sacred nature of the feminine Prakruti.  

So how does this all come back to the divine feminine? We live in an age where the focus is often on the material, visible, and tangible. Force, power, drive, and push are celebrated on a collective and societal level. What we must remember is that none of that can exist without the seed of the divine feminine expressed as Prakruti. This again, is the essence of all that creates life, the energy of this force is creative, allowing, receiving, yielding. It can be seen in its expression through the soft and fluid nature of the Kapha dosha- a combination of Earth and water, which are the epitome of feminine energy. 

We live in a pitta-driven society, as those masculine qualities that are celebrated are very fiery in their nature. However, as we’ve explored here, this world would not exist without both of these energies and we need to honor the uprising of the divine feminine to bring our society back into balance, which is what Ayurveda is all about!

Bringing it Back to You

So you may be wondering how this applies to you directly and how you can actually take this information into your day today. Below you’ll find a few practical tips and daily rituals to invite in the energy of the Divine feminine whether you identify as male, female, or non-binary. As you explore these offerings, reflect on what might be most different from you normal way of being, and work with that – you may find the most transformation in that space.

Inviting the Divine Feminine

  • Take a sacred pause in between activities. Notice your breath and take a moment to shift from one thing to the next. 
  • Attune to the energy of the moon, which is always changing and shifting. Notice your energy level and how it coincides with or differs on the full moon versus new moon.
  • Practice giving and receiving; for instance, receive a compliment fully when it is offered to you rather than diminishing or belittling it. This is also a practice of love to the person offering.
  • Practice resting not just when you feel tired but engaging in time to dream, reflect, ponder, contemplate; allowing space for the ideas you take action on to spring forth.
  • Go for a swim in the ocean if you live near the ocean, or create a a saltwater bath with warm water and 1 pound of sea salt. This will ground you to the energy of the earth and support you in feeling connect back with your body. 
  • To support your physical body as much as your mind, consider a supplemental program such as My Healthy Mood to stay balanced and grounded in the body amidst the movement and stressors of a fast paced world. 
  • For the ladies reading this, consider taking some extra time around you menstrual cycle to connect to the Earth, journal and reflect on any emotions that are presenting themselves to you, and tune inward, as this is a sacred time where the subconscious can be more greatly accessed.

As with any suggestions I offer, choose one thing that feels interesting, and be gentle with yourself as you explore what may be a new way of thinking or being. 

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Author: Alexandra Kazimir

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