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How To Start a Meditation Practice At Home

“I really want to meditate, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. How do I start?” As someone who practices daily, I hear this a lot from people wanting to start a practice of their own but feel discouraged because of preconceived notions about meditation.  Some common misconceptions that you may have fallen victim to are:  It takes …

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Ayurveda & Your Sex Drive

In Ayurveda, and many ancient traditions, sexual energy, or Shakti energy, is synonymous with creative energy. The desire to connect with the sexual aspect of this energy is connected to the shukra dhatu (male reproductive tissue) and artava dhatu (female reproductive tissue). To achieve and maintain a healthy balance of your sex drive, you must consider your whole body’s well-being …

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Summer with Ayurveda: What to Eat to Feel Your Best

The sun blasts for long hours on the sizzling days of summer, and our bodies naturally swing to the thrum of nature.  Rising temperatures outside ramp up our inner fires and digestion, leaving us craving a cooling respite. Eating with Nature Ayurveda teaches us to live in harmony with Mother Nature’s seasons. We are part of the earth, after all, …

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Stress Management for the Doshas

Email notification dings; blue light blinking on your phone; can’t forget to get eggs on the way home; did I forget to lock the door this morning…? We have a lot coming at us every second of the day, so it’s no wonder we often feel stressed, frustrated or just trapped in a never-ending loop of sensory information. Stress can …

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Essential Oils 101

The most powerful plant allies and how to use them Essential oils are everywhere these days! You may have heard about them and the myriad health benefits and healing properties they possess, but what exactly are essential oils? Far more significant than another trend or health fad, essential oils date back thousands of years, their uses and benefits referenced on …

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Stress and the Gut

The gut, also known as “the second brain”, directly correlates with stress.  Gut-Brain Connection Our bellies and brains are in constant communication. Signals from intestinal organs quickly stream to the brain and vice versa. Stress alters gut bacteria, and gut bacteria impacts stress. Whenever in despair, stress hormones release into the blood stream, causing our digestion to pause until our …

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It seems like almost every time I ask someone how their week was, I hear “it’s been crazy”, “I’ve been so busy”, or “so much has been going on this week.” Unfortunately in today’s world, many of us are stressed out.  In fact, the 2019 Gallup Global Emotions Report found that about a third of the people worldwide were stressed …

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How the Elements Combine to Form Pitta and Tips for Staying Balanced

Pitta | Fire & Water Imagine summer. Warm, humid days full of sunlight, birdsong, verdant hills and forests, ripe berries, and cool breezes. Summer is Pitta in action – the season of Pitta in its ultimate expression. Intuitively, as Pitta is all about activity, action, metabolism, it makes sense – fruits and vegetables are growing, ripe for harvest, the long …

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