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Mother Nature offers everything we need as humans to maintain a healthy body and mind. So we work with that and nothing more – drawing on 5,000 years of Ayurvedic medicine to formulate just what you need: a blend of organic herbal and microfloral elements to improve your immunity, mood, joints, digestion, and body.

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Handled With Care

YouVeda products are looked after every step of the way: in how they’re sourced, harvested, extracted, transported, and delivered. We don’t compromise on quality. And that’s reflected in the attention to detail in our products, packaging, customer care, and of course our app…


Infused With Technology

We don’t just give you capsules and leave you hanging… we’re here to help you put them to good use! Exercise, meditation, and a balanced diet are the cornerstones of healthy living. Our app gives you all of this information, along with progress insights to track your path to wellness. Give it a try!

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The Right Balance. Guaranteed

Doing right by your body means giving it the required nutrients and regular exercise. Easier said than done!

We could all use a little encouragement from time-to-time; and that’s exactly what YouVeda offers. To complement our supplements, we also provide daily advice on living better via our app: support and tips on everything from yoga to healthy eating.

All we do is simply take ancient Ayurvedic practices and adapt them to modern lifestyles. To help everyone find the balance they need every day.

Our Why

We believe that the power lies within all of us to heal ourselves and live fuller lives physically, mentally and emotionally. Our vision stems from this statement and our aim is to create a healthier, happier world using the intelligence of Mother Nature.

Gunny & Kirat Sodhi

  • Do yourself a favor and buy this product!

    Everything about this product from the packaging, to the easy to understand instructions of use, to the effectiveness of the product is absolutely wonderful. I’ve tried many digestive products in the past, but most don’t seem to work. YouVeda has literally changed my life. Can’t wait to try the other products they offer. So happy I found this company!

    • — Jeni Perna
    • My Healthy Digestion Buyer – Amazon
  • Look No Further!

    All the YouVeda products are incredible! First, the quality is undeniable. I started feeling the positive effects of the suplliments right away. Second, the daily packs completely fit my lifestyle. I’m a busy dad that travels for work, so it’s really easy for me to throw a few of these in my backpack while on the run. Finally, my friend’s have come over and tried these as well- everyone agrees, YouVeda rocks!

    • — Amit Rikhi
    • My Healthy Immunity Buyer – Amazon
  • My Healthy Mood

    I bought My Healthy Mood for my mom hoping to help her overall mood. She has been taking them everyday and is half way through the monthly supply. I have never seen her so happy and in much better shape. She is 70 years old with a lot of health issues and pills she takes several times a day. I was concerned at first for any possible side effects but there is no signs of it at all. I will definitely continue with this product and strongly recommended.

    • — Gresa G

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