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My Essential Oils: Digestion (10ml)

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  • Helps calm your digestive system (Agni) – In Ayurveda, the mind-gut connection is considered vital for overall health. A healthy gut means a happy mind.
  • A blend of Dill Seed, Fennel, Ginger, Lemon, and Clove works in synergy to assist the body in supporting healthy digestion.
  • 100% Pure & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free (Not tested on animals)
  • Tridoshic: Helps balance Vata, Pitta & Kapha constitutions.

A Healthy Gut Leads to a Happy Mind

When our digestion is not at it’s prime, we experience the discomfort that follows… gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, irregularity… any of these, which could make or break your day!  That’s when you know it’s time to reach for your roller of our specially designed blend of essential oils!  Immediately allowing calming relief to your mind, body, and gut. Balancing your digestive fire (Agni). 

In Ayurveda, the mind-gut connection is vital to our overall health! Not only are you what you eat, but you are what you digest, absorb, and assimilate – a core tenant of Ayurveda. A healthy, well functioning gut not only supports your health and vitality, but also your emotional wellbeing!

Which is exactly why we created My Essential Oils Digestion!

Essential oils have been used throughout the world for millennia, topically and aromatically, to heal varying needs. They are one of nature’s most powerful support tools to help your body heal itself on every level. 

As the oils touch your skin, they are immediately absorbed, providing natural healing from the outside in!

YouVeda’s proven combination, using ancient wisdom Ayurveda and modern science to naturally:

  • Promotes healthy bowel movements.
  • Supports overall gut health.
  • Cleanses the gut & the liver.

    How Does My Essential Oils Digestion Support You?

    When you take in the calming aromas of the herbs found in this essential oil blend, you strengthen your gut health and increase your inner peace.

    My Essential Oils Digestion is a unique, tridoshic blend of the potent oils of Ayurvedic herbs that synergistically brings calm and ease to the digestive system... supporting your gut, body and mind.

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    Why People Love Our Essential Oils

    Real Testimonies from Real People

    "I am a dentist and my back always hurts, I also like to run and workout so, I end up with achy joints. I love to use the Joints essential oils roller to bring my neck and other joints relief. And it also smells amazing."

    Jenny Perna, DMD

    My Essential Oils

    The Right Usage

    Apply on the heart of your hand, and warm your hands by rubbing them together. Connected to your heart chakra (Anahata), this marma point is responsible for stimulating circulation throughout the body.


    Testing & Certifications

    ROUND 1

    Raw Material Sourcing & Qualifying

    We test samples from our certified herb suppliers. If the sample passes, we then mix the batch with materials and test again. Only then is it allowed to proceed with the extraction.

    ROUND 2

    In Process Testing

    If both intermediate tests meet the known standards, the extract is then dried & tested under the finished extract protocol; which includes microbiology & heavy metals.

    ROUND 3

    Finished Product Testing

    Each finished product is tested for its identity, potency and purity. This ensures, the finished product has been maintained and has no microbiological contamination during manufacturing. Furthermore, final heavy metal & micro’s are tested on the finished product.

    Facilities approved/audited by
    the National Sanitation Foundation

    Manufactured in FDA Registered Facilities

    Manufacturing, packaging, testing performed in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practices

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    The Perfect Match

    Pair with My Healthy Digestion Supplement Kit for best results to help balance your digestive system to the fullest.

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