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The Simply Human

Ep. 230: Gunny Sodhi Interview & a Backyard Fire
June 16, 2020 · 53 min

On today’s show, it’s Gunny Sodhi! He’s an expert in Ayurveda and the owner of YouVeda! They talk to Gunny about his birthday Nov 26, Plano, the body that makes you sick can make you better, coming full circle, feeling emotions, crying, panic attacks, antidepressants, emotions are energy in motion, ayurvedic vs ayurveda, Dr Joe Dispenza, and making babies giggle. Before the call, Mark and Rick discuss sunburns and a backyard fire! Thanks for listening!

The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Ep. 207: Ayurveda, Healing Traumatic Stress & Finding Your Purpose With Gunny Sodhi
Jun 5, 2019 · 1 hr 5 min

When you experience trauma or extreme psychological stress, overcoming it and move forward with your life can sometimes feel impossible. Today’s guest Gunny Sodhi found that out firsthand when dealing with his own PTSD. But through ayurvedic teachings and the discovery of his life’s purpose… everything changed! Now he’s here to teach us how to heal our trauma, find our calling, and live a fabulously full life. Head to for full episode resources and more inspiring weekly episodes.

Highest Self Podcast – Sahara Rose

Ep. 61: Enhancing your Mood with Ayurvedic Herbs Interview Gunny of YouVeda
April 5, 2018 · 48 min

Gunny experienced a tragedy few can even imagine: the loss of his younger brother. After struggling with depression and anxiety, his father, an Ayurvedic physician, told him to change his diet and lifestyle and begin taking certain herbs. Within one month, his mood was totally reversed. Today Gunny has launched Youveda, the first modernized Ayurvedic supplement company that combines herbs with essential vitamins and minerals for mood, digestion, joints and immunity. As a special offer to Highest Self Podcast listeners, we are offering 35% off one-month supply Youveda formulas with the code “sahara.” We are also giving away three month trials on my Instagram @IAmSaharaRose.
If you are interested in Ayurveda, herbology, mental health and healing, this episode is for you. Thank you Gunny of Youveda for being a part of it!

The Mother Loving Future – Amber Lestrange & Jenna Pennrose

Ep. 68: Ancient Ayurveda in a modern world with Gunny Sodhi
December 17, 2018 · 54 min

Can a 5,000 year old philosophy for achieving long lasting health still be relevant today? In this episode, we discuss the specifics of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine that guides us towards balance within ourselves and harmony with nature’s cycles. We discuss this topic with Gunny Sodhi, the founder of YouVeda, a company that has made these concepts easy and accessible in the modern world. We pick Gunny’s brain on all things Ayurveda, including medicinal diet and a healthy mindset, all coming down to balance within the body and mind.

My Seven Chakras with AJ

How to reduce stress and anxiety using Ayurveda with Gunny Sodhi
July 8, 2019 · 1 hr 15 min

Gunny Sodhi is the President of YouVeda, the company that he and his wife created to allow people to enjoy the healing benefits of nature.He’s an entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to the wellness industry. He grew up in a home that was surrounded by Ayurvedic and Naturopathic doctors, which further led him to solidify his belief in Ayurveda.He started his career at the bottom of the family supplement business, packing orders and learning how to operate a business.

Freeing the body Freeing the soul

Ep. 78: Gunny Sodhi: Making Ayurveda Accessible!
September 11, 2018 · 1 hr 7 min

Ayurveda has many treasures, and Gunny helps us more easily ACCESS the many mysteries and gifts it has to offer.
Gunny is President of YouVeda, the company he and his wife created to bring these blessing to our world. Gunny is an entrepreneur who’s dedicated his life to the wellness industry. He grew up in a home that was surrounded by Ayurvedic and Naturopathic doctors, which further lead him to solidify his belief in . With this passion and conviction, Gunny co-founded YouVeda.

Ancient Wisdom Today – Shaman Durek

The Great Gift of Health (Gunny Sodhi)
March 14, 2019 · 1 hr 1 min

On today’s share, Gunny Sudhi, the founder of YouVeda, joins us to help us even further understand how to balance ourselves and create symbiosis within our body.

Radically Loved with Rosie Acost

Better Health with Gunny Sodhi
November 16, 2019 · 44 min

The YouVeda Vision That’s why we created our innovative, full-support supplements that contain only the best, highest-quality organic and wild-harvested ingredients. Through YouVeda, we hope to ignite belief in your innate power to heal and inspire you to live a fuller life — physically, mentally and emotionally.



The Power of Ayurveda and Adaptogenic Herbs w/ Gunny Sodhi
December 23, 2019 · 46 min

Hey FemTribe! Welcome to this week’s video where Gunny Sodhi, co-founder of YouVeda, chats with us about Ayurveda and adaptogenic herbs. See links and resources below. Thanks for watching!