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Yoga Poses For Good Posture

How to Support your Joints through Yoga and Supplements As a former dancer, I was trained on the importance of having good posture. An elongated stance was imperative for proper appearance. Good posture is important for more than the stage, though. Regular slouching can contribute to joint and muscle pain, spinal abnormalities like scoliosis, and can even impact our digestive …

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The Warming Ayurvedic Diet in the Summer Months

Maintaining a Warming Diet in the Warming Months While the Ayurveda approach to diet varies with the body types – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – one feature remains consistent: Ayurveda, as a whole, encourages consuming warming foods. Spicy turmeric lattes trump vibrant green juice and grounding kitchari and soups are advocated over cold, raw salads. Although these suggestions may sound …

Sahara Rose

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Sahara Rose – Enhancing Your Mood with Ayurvedic Herbs ft. YouVeda

Our CEO, Gunny Sodhi had the opportunity to be interviewed by Sahara Rose on her Highest Self Podcast where Gunny discussed, a tragedy few can even imagine: the loss of his younger brother. In this interview, Gunny explains how he struggled with depression and anxiety after his loss and how his father, an Ayurvedic physician, told him to change his diet and lifestyle and begin taking certain herbs, which significantly helped him overcome these feelings and explains the reason “why” YouVeda was born.

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Yoga Poses to Start and End Your Day

Yoga is both a physical and spiritual practice. There are many varieties of yoga including vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, yin, and more. Adding a few foundational poses to your morning and evening routine will create a routine to start and end your day. The energizing morning poses are designed to invigorate your body, while the night poses can help quiet the …

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What is Candida and How Can Ayurveda Help?

According to Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine and nutrition, you are not what you eat; you are what you digest. Essential to the process of digestion are the fungi in the mouth and intestine. These fungi, including the fungi Candida, are necessary to break down food and help the body absorb nutrients. However, there is a delicate balance when …

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Beating Sugar

When I found out my husband was a Faithless Bastard after three decades of marriage, it was sugar, beautiful sugar, that pulled me through. I felt sad all the time, but an entire container of Talenti gelato made me feel instantly better, and conveniently replaced my need for love and sex. “You deserve this,” it comforted me. I could feel …

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How to Transform Your Life Through Gratitude

Ellen Newhouse’s childhood was shaped by a charming yet abusive father, and a mentally ill mother who not only didn’t stick up for her, but told her she didn’t love her. Phil Greenblatt was immobilized for three years with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and emotionally scarred by a subsequent traumatic divorce. Lisa Files survived breast cancer, only to cruelly lose her beloved …

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The Secret to Good Health Lies in Your Gut

Last summer, Kathleen Stoeger was so weak because of two back-to-back urinary tract infections she couldn’t stand up. She was put on two different antibiotics because the first one didn’t work, but she kept waking up coughing. “One night, it got so bad I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was literally going to die. I thought it was my heart, …