• Lowers stress and an overactive mind states that can affect your mood, response to pain, immunity and sex drive.
  • Contains a unique complex of Ayurvedic herbs, Omega-3s and multivitamins that provide complete mood support.
  • Reduces stress and promote healthy brain function, which can help you achieve a state of calm, leading to more balanced health and wellness.
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The Foundation for a Healthy Mood

Stress and an over-active mind can cause more than foul moods and restless sleep, they can affect your body’s response to pain, your immunity, and even your sex drive. By promoting healthy brain function and neurotransmitter support, you can improve your mood, get a more restful sleep and achieve a state of calm, leading to balanced health and wellness. The YouVeda My Healthy Mood kit, contains a unique complex of Ayurvedic herbs, Omega-3s and naturally sourced, multivitamins that work synergistically to provide complete mood support.

YouVeda believes in promoting healthier lifestyles; giving people practical ways to maintain their physical and mental health through a combination of natural Ayurvedic supplements, yoga, meditation, and digital coaching. Not only that, we also have the support and endorsement of several well-respected clinical and complementary medical professionals. Along with 5,000 years of applied practice…No quackery or mysticism here. Just natural, organic alternatives; underpinned by help, advice, and guidance on living a happier, healthier life. We mirror Mother Nature for our herbal and microfloral supplements to ensure their natural goodness remains in tact.

  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO’s
  • Dairy & Egg Free

My Healthy Mood Kit

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  • Mobile App providing yoga, meditation and diet tips.
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  • Doctor Formulated & Recommended.

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Testing & Certifications


Raw Material Sourcing & Qualifying

Sample a supplier batch from our certified suppliers. If sample passes specific herb specs,the entire batch proceeds forward. On receipt of entire batch, materials are mixed together & tested once again. If test matches initial sample test, the herb is taken forward for extraction.


In Process Testing

If both intermediate tests meet the known standards, the extract is then dried & tested under the finished extract protocol; which includes microbiology & heavy metals.


Finished Product Testing

Each finished product is tested for its identity, potency and purity. This ensures, the finished product has been maintained and has no microbiological contamination during manufacturing. Furthermore, final heavy metal & micro’s are tested on the finished product.

Facilities approved/audited by
the National Sanitation Foundation

Manufactured in FDA Registered Facilities

Manufacturing, packaging, testing performed in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practices

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