Kelly Driscoll Podcast

Ancient Ayurveda in a Modern World?

Episode 68 of the Mother Loving Future Podcast features YouVeda founder Gunny Sodhi chatting about how ancient Ayurvedic principles can apply to our modern lifestyles. Listen on iTunes

Making Ayurveda Accessible ft. YouVeda

Kelly Driscoll Podcast

Dr. David Kamnitzer – Ep. 78 Making Ayurveda Accessible ft. YouVeda

Making Ayurveda Accessible ft. YouVeda. A Podcast Recently our CEO Gunny Sodhi sat down to talk with Dr. David Kamnitzer on his podcast Freeing the Body, Freeing the Soul. In this interview, Gunny speaks about how YouVeda was created and the driving why behind everything we do.  This interview includes a detailed discussion of the Ayurvedic ingredients and science behind …

Enhancing Your Mood with Ayurvedic Herbs - Sahara Rose

Fabricio D'Agata Podcast

Sahara Rose – Enhancing Your Mood with Ayurvedic Herbs ft. YouVeda

Our CEO, Gunny Sodhi had the opportunity to be interviewed by Sahara Rose on her Highest Self Podcast where Gunny discussed, a tragedy few can even imagine: the loss of his younger brother. In this interview, Gunny explains how he struggled with depression and anxiety after his loss and how his father, an Ayurvedic physician, told him to change his diet and lifestyle and begin taking certain herbs, which significantly helped him overcome these feelings and explains the reason “why” YouVeda was born.