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Today’s Pose – Windshield Wipers Pose

Windshield Wipers Pose stretches the Low Back, strengthen Core Muscles & Obliques, and Relaxes you. Try it with our Guided Yoga Videos

Windshield Wiper Pose is a beginners level yoga pose and is an excellent pose for the lower back and hips and what better way to get the massage for the hips and the back while lying down on your back in supine position! Supine Windshield Wiper Pose is a great variation where one foot is placed on the floor while the other leg rests inwards flexing the hips and the lower back.

Windshield Wipers Pose

Windshield wiper pose is a favorite amongst many who practice yoga. Aside from the many benefits it provides, it is a pose that just feels good! In fact, it is an excellent pose to do every day before you even get out of bed. It stretches your back after a long night’s sleep and slowly begins to energize you and help you wake up.

Steps – Windshield Wiper Pose
  1. Begin on your back with your feet to the outside edges of your mat.
  2. Slightly turn out your feet.
  3. Broaden your collarbones and reach your arms straight out like a “t.” Slide your shoulder blades down your back as you bend your elbows and rest the backs of your hands on the mat. This arm pose is frequently called Cactus. If the backs of your hands don’t touch down, just keep your arms out in a “t.”
  4. Let both knees lower to the right as you turn your head to the left.
  5. Come back to the center.
  6. Lower your knees to the left as you turn your head to the right.
  7. Come back to the center.
  8. Do several sets of this at whatever speed and with whatever breathing style feels right.
  • Stretches the Low Back
  • Strengthens Core Muscles & Obliques
  • Calms and Relaxes You

Windshield Wiper Twist is a moving pose that most people with no previous Yoga or exercise experience can enjoy. It’s a mild twist that feels great. It’s a good pose for the lower back.

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