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Do you ever feel stuck? Are there times where you haven’t felt like yourself? Does something still feel off despite your efforts to eat well, exercise, and make healthy changes in your life?  This was exactly how I once felt. 

Then a friend suggested I try an energy healing session. At that point I knew nothing about energy healing.  However, based on how I was feeling at the time, I was open to anything!

After the session, my mind was blown. Over the next few days, I truly felt as though an enormous weight had been lifted.  I felt radiant, full of life, free of stress, and living completely in the present moment. Even those around me noticed this difference! 

So began my journey and fascination with Reiki.  I had found the missing link to my holistic lifestyle.  Since then, Reiki has changed my life in many ways.  Immediately I noticed reduced stress level and a tremendous improvement in my energy, mood, and overall health!  


Reiki is a non-invasive method of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing at all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This technique, which originated in Japan, channels healing energy through the hands to where it is most needed.  

This method of healing is based on the idea that every living thing has a special “life energy” flowing through it.  The word Reiki literally means Universal Life Energy.  And, if you think about it, everything is energy!  

A healthy body vibrates at a high frequency, leaving you feeling energetic, strong, calm, and centered. In this state, the body is able to heal, function at its best ability, and is less likely to become ill.  When this vibration is low, you often feel tired, emotionally distressed, or in pain.  You are more easily affected by stress and are more likely to get sick.  Reiki helps to raise this vibrational frequency.  Therefore, the ability for the body to heal itself is improved. 

During a session, the practitioner will channel Reiki energy through his or her hands, which are lightly placed on or near the body.  You would lay in a comfortable place, fully clothed, or sit in a chair.  You may feel different sensations such as warmth, tingling, coolness, or experience a deeply relaxed state of mind. You may even see colors, feel emotions, or notice that past memories arise.  Each person has their own unique experience with Reiki, since the energy flows where is it most needed.  It is a wonderfully relaxing and pleasant experience.  Sometimes a treatment will release negative sensations or emotions as well.  However, in the end, you leave the session with a more positive state of well-being.


 Some of the benefits of Reiki include the following:

  • Relieves pain
  • Increases mental clarity and focus
  • Decreases fatigue and stress
  • Brings balance to the physical and emotional systems in the body
  • Reduces recovery time from surgery or injuries
  • Improves sleep
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Brings a peaceful, deep state of relaxation
  • Increases creative thinking
  • Improves memory
  • Releases pent-up emotions
  • Dissolves energy blockages 

Overall, Reiki brings the body to a state of balance where it is able to heal itself.  It can be a powerful tool for healing and personal growth that compliments your health and wellness regimen.  An added bonus…it is non-invasive and has no negative side effects.


There are thousands of Reiki practitioners all over the world who offer Reiki treatments. You can find a practitioner in your local area or search online for one who provides Distant Healing Sessions. Distant Sessions provide the same benefits as in-person! It is important to find a practitioner with whom you resonate.  Once you are open to receiving the Reiki energy, you will enjoy its many advantages!


Reiki, as a holistic approach to mind-body balance, compliments well with an Ayurvedic lifestyle.  Both Reiki and Ayurveda help to overcome energetic and physical dis-ease that can disrupt the body’s natural balance.  Combining energy healing, a healthy diet, exercise, and YouVeda’s My Healthy Body kit, is a wonderful way to get the Ayurvedic herbs, Omega-3s, probiotic, enzymes, and the positive energy your body needs.  

As a Reiki practitioner, I believe the power to heal ourselves lies within all of us.  Thus, we can live fuller lives; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Reiki has been a truly powerful tool that had helped me regain inner strength, clarity, and balance.  My aim in sharing Reiki with others is to create a healthier and happier world…one person at a time.  

Give it a try! The benefits you discover may surprise you!


Author: Carolyn Crews (YouVeda Wellness Contributor)

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