Shruthika Kamat Ayurveda & You, Doshas

Dating, Doshic Style

Ayurveda is the science of life. It helps us understand patterns we are prone to and helps bring balance to our inner and outer life. But did you know, you can apply Ayurvedic knowledge to your dating life? The first step to finding love is definitely having a better understanding of ourselves, which Ayurveda can help with. But a working …

Shruthika Kamat Ayurveda & You, Lifestyle

Ayurveda & Your Sex Drive

In Ayurveda, and many ancient traditions, sexual energy, or Shakti energy, is synonymous with creative energy. The desire to connect with the sexual aspect of this energy is connected to the shukra dhatu (male reproductive tissue) and artava dhatu (female reproductive tissue). To achieve and maintain a healthy balance of your sex drive, you must consider your whole body’s well-being …

Shruthika Kamat Ayurveda & You, Pitta, Seasonal Guides

Summer with Ayurveda: What to Eat to Feel Your Best

The sun blasts for long hours on the sizzling days of summer, and our bodies naturally swing to the thrum of nature.  Rising temperatures outside ramp up our inner fires and digestion, leaving us craving a cooling respite. Eating with Nature Ayurveda teaches us to live in harmony with Mother Nature’s seasons. We are part of the earth, after all, …

Shruthika Kamat Ayurveda & You, Doshas

Stress Management for the Doshas

Email notification dings; blue light blinking on your phone; can’t forget to get eggs on the way home; did I forget to lock the door this morning…? We have a lot coming at us every second of the day, so it’s no wonder we often feel stressed, frustrated or just trapped in a never-ending loop of sensory information. Stress can …

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How the Elements Combine to Form Pitta and Tips for Staying Balanced

Pitta | Fire & Water Imagine summer. Warm, humid days full of sunlight, birdsong, verdant hills and forests, ripe berries, and cool breezes. Summer is Pitta in action – the season of Pitta in its ultimate expression. Intuitively, as Pitta is all about activity, action, metabolism, it makes sense – fruits and vegetables are growing, ripe for harvest, the long …

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What to Eat for your Dosha

Three energies (aka doshas) swirl together, fusing the world as it is. These three energies not only structure a balanced planet – but they also construct YOU! This information is the basis of Ayurveda, which was written in the Vedas thousands of years ago. What Am I Made Of? Remember the five elements that create nature? Air, water, earth, fire …

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How to Balance Your Dosha For Better Sleep

Sleep. It’s one of the most important protective processes our body goes through — just as important as eating! Sleep is crucial for our bodies to rest, rejuvenate and detoxify. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a whole host of problems, including poor immunity, issues with concentration, alertness and a build-up of waste materials and toxins (ama) in the …

Kelly Driscoll Ayurveda & You, Lifestyle, Seasonal Guides

Revitalize the 2nd Svadhisthana Chakra for the New Year

From your belly button south to your genitals, rearing back your lumbar spine, whirls the second chakra, or Svadhisthana chakra. This energy center sparks creativity, allows you to dream about your fantasies, and discover ways to follow your passions. As we glide into 2019, stabilizing and stimulating the second chakra will help us establish realistic goals that nudge us towards …

Kelly Driscoll Ayurveda & You, Pitta

Pitta in the World

Sweat pastes your shirt to your skin, you might snap any moment, can’t cool down, and are so dang hangry! Welcome to an overactive Pitta, which plagues many Americans and people around the world. Pitta, one of the doshas represented by the fire and water element, is most prominent in the heated months. Nowadays, an overactive Pitta is common even …

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