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To attain holistic health, one must first learn how different parts of the human body work together. Illness is not a natural state of being. Holistic health practices recognize that for some individuals, dealing with illness or pain can relate to spiritual concerns that may result in physical or emotional symptoms. Holistic health advices one to examine the causes for the illness below the surface. Physical ailments are often a manifestation of one’s mental well-being.

Spiritual Health

The presence of spiritual health simply refers to a healthy practice and belief system. Spiritual health may not necessary mean religiousness. One could be follow a religion or not yet experience spirituality. Spirituality is an important state of mental health now being recognized and sought after. Around the myriad of world cultures, one can find spirituality in its many interesting forms. Embrace, experiment, educate yourself about it. In theory, spirituality can be felt in several ways but never measurable.

Physical Health

When one is at his/her peak of healthy being, they do not get tired easily, fall ill regularly and is full of energy. Physical health refers to the condition of the body and the way it reacts to diseases. You need to take good care of your body to maintain good physical health. You need to eat nutritious food, to exercise, and to take enough sleep and rest.

Social Health

This refers to the effective way a person performs his role in life as a son, daughter, friend, neighbor, or citizen. Simply put, a person’s ability to perform his responsibilities and to maintain good relationships with others. Giving love and respect to others is an important factor of social health.

To ensure good health, one must recognize all the aspects of health and to keep them in balance so that they work best for you. A well-balanced portion of each of the above explained topics is what one must strive for.

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