5 Ways to Support Your Immunity in Times of Season Change

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immunity for season changes

Fall is the perfect time to boost your immune system. The season is changing and we can learn to create a balance with these 5 simple ways to support your Immunity from home.

1. Getting out in nature.

Exercise releases endorphins, our happy chemicals, which lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is your stress hormone and it lowers immune system function. Simple walking is exercise and it improves your quality of sleep which will further improve your immune system. When people walk in nature for one hour a week, their immune system gets boosted by 40%. 

2. Diet.

When you look at food as medicine, it becomes medicine. Be more careful about the food that you consume. Including an abundance of fresh veggies and fruits in your diet will help your immune system get ready for fall.

Eat fruits and lots of vegetables. Animal protein is not the best for infections. Almost all bacteria feed on the animal protein. Eat fish and wild caught if you have an option. Beans are 40% proteins. If you have five Brazil nuts a day, there’s enough amount of selenium there.

Drink warm fluids; herbal tea, ginger tea. This is an old Ayurvedic remedy: if somebody had a common cold, grandma took some honey, black pepper, ginger, (if you put one teaspoon of ginger put one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in it). This will soothe you and protect your immunity.

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3. Breathing.

There are many resources on YouTube for breathing techniques or better yet try this Nostril Breathing guide. By finding balance thru breathing techniques you will boost your immunity. Be outside, step into your balcony or if you have the opportunity, go for a walk. 

4. Good quality laugh, and good quality sleep. If you can’t sleep at night, no matter how many hours you sleep in the day time, you aren’t boosting your immune system. The best time for sleep is from 10 pm to 6 am. Research has shown that people who work around the clock have 50% more diseases.

5. Journaling and being grateful. There’s nothing more important than expressing gratitude. At the end of the day, if you have a roof over your head, you’re more blessed than billions of people.  Lastly, don’t forget to be grateful for your friends, family or people that have come into your life. 

You can make small changes to improve and strengthen your immunity.

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