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How the Elements Combine to Form Pitta and Tips for Staying Balanced

Pitta | Fire & Water Imagine summer. Warm, humid days full of sunlight, birdsong, verdant hills and forests, ripe berries, and cool breezes. Summer is Pitta in action – the season of Pitta in its ultimate expression. Intuitively, as Pitta is all about activity, action, metabolism, it makes sense – fruits and vegetables are growing, ripe for harvest, the long …

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Revitalize the 2nd Svadhisthana Chakra for the New Year

From your belly button south to your genitals, rearing back your lumbar spine, whirls the second chakra, or Svadhisthana chakra. This energy center sparks creativity, allows you to dream about your fantasies, and discover ways to follow your passions. As we glide into 2019, stabilizing and stimulating the second chakra will help us establish realistic goals that nudge us towards …

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Transforming the Winter Blues with Ayurveda

Have you ever experienced the weather as a direct mirror of your internal state? When it’s sunny, warm, and clear, you might be filled with feelings of excitement, possibility, and clarity; when cool, grey, and rainy, you might feel a bit more melancholy. As many ancient texts point to, “as above, so below, as within, so without.” We are very …

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Breathe Through The Holidays

Precisely forcing the crease on your perfectionist sister’s gift into a straight line, tweaking your back while shoveling snow, jaw-dropping as your eyes flitter over your nephew’s 6-page long wishlist – it’s the most won-der-ful time of the year! Of course, we treasure the holidays – those deep winter months correlated with time off work, family parties, giving and receiving, …

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Grounding with the Root Chakra

What is a Chakra? A chakra is a wheel of energy, originating from ancient Buddhism, Hinduism, and Janism traditions. Overtime, the chakras were narrowed down to seven vital energy centers. Each chakra develops during childhood, from birth to about 7 years old. Different colors, foods, smells, personality traits, and experiences correlate with each chakra. The first chakra, the muladhara chakra, …

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The Ultimate Guide To Eating In-Season in Autumn

Why Choose In Season Produce? Summertime is abundant with fresh, flavorful in-season produce. The grocery store seems to be brimming with tempting watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries, arugula and zucchini. As the temperatures cool, you may be wondering what seasonal produce you can fill your plate with. Autumn is the harvest season and offers many delicious and nutritious seasonal produce to sustain …

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How Autumn Affects Our Body

Autumn conjures visions of golden foliage, cozy sweaters, crisp weather and spiced apple cider. Grocery stores are abundant with the harvest of autumn crops, temperatures become more comfortable and routines become more normalized as work ramps up and the kids are back to school. As idyllic as this all sounds, autumn is a time of change for both the earth …

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The Warming Ayurvedic Diet in the Summer Months

Maintaining a Warming Diet in the Warming Months While the Ayurveda approach to diet varies with the body types – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – one feature remains consistent: Ayurveda, as a whole, encourages consuming warming foods. Spicy turmeric lattes trump vibrant green juice and grounding kitchari and soups are advocated over cold, raw salads. Although these suggestions may sound …

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