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Many of us have experienced the frustration of skin irritation, whether mild or severe. In this article we will talk about Ayurveda for skin. Ayurveda explains these irritations as having an imbalance in the doshas. Ayurveda is a medical system from ancient India. It is based on the idea that health comes from a balance between three doshas or body types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 

Each dosha has qualities that include temperature, elements, sites in the body, and other unique characteristics. The imbalance of one or more doshas causes illness and skin problems. When the doshas are balanced, we feel healthy and vibrant.

The skin is made up of elements from all three doshas, Kapha being the dominant one which means that imbalances will occur more often with Kapha dosha types.

Ayurveda For Skin Imbalances for Pita Body Type

Pitta skin will have occasional breakouts when the skin is out of balance. A common condition that you may find yourself having is dryness, oiliness, or a combination of both. This skin imbalance is often referred to as acne, which can be considered an inflammatory condition.

One of the most common things you need to do is exfoliate. Your dead skin cells are not being sloughed off quickly enough and will become trapped within your pores leading to infection or inflammation. If you are looking into Ayurveda, you can try out some herbal scrubs that are often made from coconut oil with ingredients like neem, sandalwood, turmeric powder, etc.

Ayurveda For Skin Imbalances for Vata Body Type

Vata skin will be very sensitive and dry, sometimes causing rashes like eczema.

Vata types are also required to eat more frequently throughout the day, require periods of rest, meditation and sleep in order to restore their energy.

Vata individuals require regular exercise to invigorate the body, alleviate stress and remain healthy.

Ayurveda For Skin Imbalances for Kapha Body Type

Kapha skin is balanced with the environment and will not see much change in breakouts or dryness.

Kaphas should drink plenty of liquids to flush toxins from the system and improve overall circulation. They need to avoid alcohol, smoking tobacco, and eating too much-fried food or dairy products that can coat the digestive tract with mucus. Aside from their diet which should include lots of vegetables, beans, legumes, oats, and whole grains to improve digestion, they should use an Ayurveda’s Kapha skin-balancing oil massage.

Kapha body types should also avoid humidity and try to dry saunas or steam rooms which can be too relaxing for the system and contribute to congestion. They may want to do exercises such as yoga, jogging, and lightweight training which can improve circulation and stimulate metabolism.

Remember that everyone’s body has all three doshas but one dosha may be more dominant due to genetics.

Balancing Your Dosha

In general, when there is more of one dosha than the others, your skin becomes aggravated, and you may develop a rash, pimples, or eczema. When those with dry or sensitive skin experience an imbalance of Kapha, it usually becomes irritated, and they will likely break out in acne.

They may also notice their face is becoming duller as more oil is produced. People with oily skin are more prone to experiencing an increase in Pitta, causing their skin to become sensitive and irritated. Excess heat in the body can also cause rashes to develop. Someone with a Vata imbalance usually has dry, rough skin.

As you can see, the three doshas have opposite elements which means they all compete for resources within the body. For example, Pitta builds heat and Vata creates dryness, so an increase of one can contribute to a decrease in another. The doshas need to be balanced for you to have clear skin.

In addition, what you eat also has a major effect on your skin’s health. Eating raw foods may be beneficial to some people, especially those with a Kapha imbalance. Goitrogens, such as raw cabbage and broccoli, may lead to acne for those with Vata skin. So, the diet you follow is crucial.

Ayurveda has several explanations for skin imbalances. However, it also provides healthy solutions to these afflictions. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet, many have been able to find relief.

In general, the best way to maintain your skin’s health is to follow a daily skincare routine using products that do not trigger or exacerbate your skin condition. Thus, it is wise to keep an herbal diary and jot down the foods you eat, your emotions, and your physical activity. Keep track of how they impact your skin.

Finally, many people wonder whether Ayurveda for skin treatments is helpful. Vata skin usually benefits from oily wraps, while Pitta types often use cooling herbs like aloe vera to balance their doshas. One of the advantages of all this information is that it allows us to make an accurate diagnosis without testing, however, one should visit an Ayurvedic doctor for proper diagnosis.

After all, our skin reflects our health and lifestyle. With the right information and advice, we can restore balance to our lives and enjoy clear skin once again.

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