Hot Water and the Importance of Drinking it

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Have you ever wondered why it is so common to drink hot water in the Ayurveda lifestyle? Why hot water is almost always preferred over any other kind of water.

hot water

Hot water plays an important role in your body’s health and can benefit you in ways that you weren’t even aware of.

It can help to treat common ailments from headaches to constipation to stomach cramps. Helping to improve your overall digestive health and so much more!

Cleanses Digestion

Hot water is often used as a way to cleanse the digestive system in a gentle and purifying way. It can move toxins and other harmful deposits from the body. Helping the digestive tract to better eliminate waste products.

Because of this, it is a wonderful remedy for stomach ailments as many are caused by poor digestive health or a buildup of waste and toxins.

Hot water also stimulates better circulation which helps to further stimulate a better digestive tract.

It Becomes Deeply Penetrating

It is a well-known Ayurveda fact that boiled water becomes lighter. It becomes easier for the body to digest and absorb and pull nutrients from.

The warmth will help to fuel your natural digestive fire instead of dousing it as cold water would. Helping your circulatory system and aiding in better blood circulation throughout your body.

Many people start to notice a significant improvement in their digestion after a routine of drinking boiled water.

You can even drink boiled water once at room temperature as it still holds on to its benefits.

Calms Muscle Tension

Boiled water is a common home remedy that is used for a variety of conditions in the body.

It is often used to treat menstrual cramps as the hot water soothes tense muscles which lessen overall pain.

You can even drink hot water to treat common ailments such as headaches. As hot water increases blood circulation and eases tension that is causing pain.

This is also a good remedy for stomach or digestive complaints that result from muscle tension or stagnant digestion.

Is More Satisfying

In Ayurvedic medicine, it is not considered healthy to consume overly large amounts of water to stay hydrated.

Especially as it is believed that over consuming water can be as bad as not consuming enough.

Which is just another reason why hot water is so beneficial to the body. As it is known to decrease feelings of thirst.

Leaving you feeling more satisfied and hydrated throughout the day without having to force yourself to drink more than necessary.

The Ayurvedic lifestyle is all about taking care of your body in gentle and traditional ways. Helping your body to better do its job without interfering or trying to take over.

Drinking hot water is an easy way of helping your body to better do its job without causing harm or being overly harsh.

Author: Abigail Jane MC (YouVeda Wellness Contributor)

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