Know Your Doshas to Move from a Goal Setter to a Goal Achiever

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Why does it so happen that goal setting seems easier than goal achieving? The reason is simple. Achieving goals take a little more effort- it needs right application and execution. So how can you do that? By getting to know yourself better. According to Ayurveda humans are made up of three biological energies or doshas- vata, pitta and kapha.  These doshas play a critical role in defining your physical, emotional and mental state. If you want to learn your dosha type, take the quiz. For instance, if your dominant dosha is pitta, then it is highly likely that you will have a strong built, good concentration power and a sharp mind. However, an imbalanced pitta can result in high aggression and poor digestion. Knowing your dominant dosha can help you set the right goals and achieve them. Here is how to set and accomplish them based on your doshas:


If your primary dosha is Kapha, then increased ability to focus, affectionate nature and a strong and heavier built will come naturally to you. But what might need attention is your ability to stay motivated and energized. The reason: an imbalanced kapha can result in stubbornness and unwillingness to change. When it comes to pacifying kapha, drinking right amount of water and practicing mantra mediation can prove to be a game changer. Set a goal to drink one liter of hot water every day. Start slowly by increasing your intake of hot water by one glass every day until you reach your goal of one liter. In a similar manner start by meditating by fifteen minutes daily and increase the time gradually to two hours. This will help you stay determined and energized- helping you achieve every life goal that you have set.


For those who have pitta as a dominant dosha the goal smashing pitfalls can be an injury or a burnout. This would mean if your goal is to tone your body then start your exercises in moderation. This will help balance pitta as well as avoid any chances of injury or breakdown. For pitta body types it is also beneficial to drink one-liter lukewarm water for increased clarity of mind and regulating body weight.  Practicing hatha yoga for thirty minutes is another way for pitta types to transform their body.


If you are vata then starting with a goal will be easy but staying interested and focused on the goal will be a challenge. The solution: set an achievable goal and immerse yourself in engaging activities to stay motivated. This simply means breaking your mundane routine with an interesting exercise or an oil massage. Another way to keep going is changing your diet for a balanced vata. This will help maintain consistency and achieve goals faster.

For each one of us, the ultimate goal is to live a happy and healthy life. This comes from embracing what is within. Getting to understand your biological energies help understand what works and what doesn’t in the path of goal fulfillment. It also helps in deciding the right diet and right form of exercise for a healthy body and a nourished mind.

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