Ayurveda & Energy Work: A Combined Path to Healing

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Achieving ultimate wellness, life-fulfillment, and happiness include healing through the multiple layers of the mind, body, and soul and this can be achieved through energy work.  

Have you ever noticed that when you care for your physical body; eating and sleeping well, exercising regularly, and breathing deeply, you begin to think clearer, feel happier, become more intuitive, and make better life decisions? 

Or maybe you have witnessed the flip-side….unhealthy behaviors ripple through to emotions, affecting energy levels, thoughts, behaviors, and ultimately your physical health.

ayurveda and energy


According to Ayurveda, we have five layers that surround our body, making up our entire being. These layers are known as the Koshas and include the physical body, the energetic body, the mental body, the intuitive body, and the blissful body. The general belief is that physical illnesses manifest through the subtle layers of our energetic bodies. 

But what if we look at healing from the opposite end, beginning with the energetic body?

We, and everything in the world around us, are made of 99.99% energy. And this isn’t only physical.  These energies shape the way we feel, think and how we live. Energy gives life to our body. 

And while energy work may seem out of the ordinary for some, but really it is science-minded with a history dating back to the beginning of man. It is working with the body’s dynamic electromagnetic field to rid the body of dis-harmony or stagnant patterns and bring the energies back into proper balance. Energy work helps to facilitate healing and re-aligns the energies of the body. Energy therapies include, but are not limited to; Reiki, Polarity, Chakra balancing and Therapeutic Touch. 

Reiki, for example, is a Japanese healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation.  It promotes healing using “life force energy” (also known as Prana) to flow freely and regain balance within the body, allowing the body, mind, and emotions to function smoothly. 

This flow of energy is delivered through the hands of a trained Reiki Practitioner. What is wonderful about reiki is that it can be easily learned by anyone, even children! Once one is trained and attuned to this reiki energy, they can use it on themself for self-care as well as on others.

Ultimately, maintaining a healthy, high-vibrational energy supports the well-being of our physical, emotional, and mental health. 


Have you noticed how when someone enters the room, you have an innate sense of their energy? They may appear lively, stressed, saddened, or vibrant to you. You’re observing their energetic body, their pranamaya kosha. This second Kosha connects to our breath. If you become aware of your breath, you’ll find that you take quick, shallow breaths when you’re feeling stressed and slow and deep breaths when you are more relaxed. Consciously changing your breath stimulates the body to shift how it’s functioning. It also affects our pranamaya kosha, giving off a completely different vibe. Try it out! See what happens!


  • Throughout the day, just become a witness to your breath. Notice how your breathing changes in different circumstances.
  • Take 10 deep, slow breaths into your belly. This can be done when you wake up, before going to bed, while riding in the car, or sitting in a meeting.
  • Practice controlled breathing techniques. Place one hand over your heart and the other hand over your belly. Feel the belly, then chest rise with each breath. Then allowing the chest and belly to fall as you exhale.
  • Receive a healing Reiki Session or be trained to practice Reiki on yourself to use anytime.

Utilizing essential oils during energy healing and breathwork provides added benefits to these practices, as well. The calming aromas and herbs in the oils promote your mind to automatically relax as you breathe. The herbs in YouVeda’s My Essential Oils: Mood blend specifically work to support mental clarity, stress reduction, and feelings of calmness.

Be open to exploring for yourself! Finding balance within your body, mind, and energies allow you to care for yourself on deeper levels, ultimately leading to a life full of love, vitality, and pure happiness.


Author: Carolyn Crews (YouVeda Wellness Contributor)

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