5 New Year Resolutions You Can Keep with Ayurveda’s Help

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The end of the year provides a chance for change, it brings about feelings of starting fresh and being inspired. There were many changes and a high and low of emotions that we had to deal with in 2021, but despite everything, we remained strong, and I hope these 5 simple New Year Resolutions will help you be inspired by Ayurvedic teachings that will make this New Year 2022 the best one Yet!

5 New Year Resolutions You Can Keep With Ayurveda's Help

1 – Start Your Day Drinking Warm Water

It’s a common recommendation in Ayurvedic medicine that everyone drink warm water in the morning. Some people will recommend with lemon, some without. Cold water moves blood AWAY from the stomach and intestines. Instead, you want that blood flow around those organs to soak up the nutrients and keep the enzymes where they need to be! Drinking warm water can bring benefits such as help improved digestion, metabolism and elimination. Each of these processes, when in balance are paramount to achieving perfect health.

2 – Practice the “Staying in Bed” meditation!

This one is so easy! Instead of jumping out of bed as soon as you wake up, make it a personal practice to take a moment, maybe 5 or 10 minutes, to cultivate presence first thing in the morning. As soon as you wake up, close your eyes, draw your awareness to your breath, feel the air, notice the sounds of the morning, feel the warmth inside you, embrace the silence, and give thanks. Take a few minutes to do this simple and easy “Staying in Bed” meditation every morning.

3 – Scrape the Tongue Daily

Make this part of your daily routine, you already brush your teeth anyways…. Tongue scraping is an ancient Indian practice that is gaining attention in the West. Tongue scraping freshens the breath and promotes oral hygiene, but its benefits extend to overall health and wellbeing, too. If you don’t have an official Tongue Scraper, a spoon works just fine. After you brush your teeth, pull the spoon along the coating (often yellow or white in color) of your tongue, and marvel at the sludge that comes off on the spoon. This “Yuck” is referred to in Ayurveda as “Ama” or undigested food matter…. You’ll be able to notice how this changes day to day, learn more about the benefits of tongue scrapping here.

4 – Fall in Love…. With Oil!

Essential oils are powerful — simply smelling a scent has the power to immediately spark an emotion or a vivid memory. The moment a scent hits your nose, the aromas automatically signal your mind and body and to relax, feel uplifted, and regain balance. The Scent of Relief! A blend of Dill Seed, Fennel, Ginger, Lemon, and Clove, such as in YouVeda’s My Essential Oils: Digestion, works in synergy to assist the body to support a healthy digestion.  You can support your mood, stress, and anxiety naturally with YouVeda’s Essential Oil Mood blend and begin to add it into your daily routine and experience the Scent of Relief! Using oil, on your body before you shower promotes healthy skin, reduces wrinkles, hydrates, promotes healthy circulation and is 100% non-toxic.

5 – Say Yes to Quality Time

Make Quality time a priority! Spend time in nature or with loved ones, you can do this! Spending time in Nature is vital for our well-being and getting that daily dose of vitamin D from the sun is the ultimate mood-booster. The same way that plants grow from photosynthesis, it the same way we recharge from nature. The same goes for spending quality time with a strong social support network is vital to psychological health. Plus, sometimes a good laugh is all you need. Those who love you know exactly how to make you feel better when you need it most! 

It’s That’s Simple. Happy New Year!

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Author: Natalia Lewallen

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