Nature in Summer: Six Best Ways to Make the Most of Both

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Summer is the season when nature is bursting with life and vigor and it makes for a great time to get outside and explore your environment. Regardless of your age, nature offers something for everyone – all you need is a curious mind and an eye for beauty. Here are six fun things to do to make the most of this wonderful combination – nature, and summer.

#1 Get, set, go on a walking tour or hike:

Summer is the time to be up and about and what better way to explore a place than by taking a walking tour. A quick Google search should be enough to give you details about places to explore for fun, food, shopping, as well as architectural sites worth seeing. Get contact details of groups/travel agencies that specialize in organizing such tours, pack a small bag and head out – twin benefits of exercise and exploration await! If you are more of an adventure seeker, try a summer hike like a walk in the woods or a natural park. Flashlight hike – walking in natural surroundings post dusk is also a great way to spot insects and animals that are reflective and shine in the dark.

#2 Make a nature’s basket, arm band or necklace:

While you go on your nature hike, why not pick some souvenirs that will remind you of your wild forage? Collect fallen flowers, leaves, fruit seeds or other natural items and when back home, bead these into an arm/head band or any other piece of jewelry. You can even make a nature’s basket with your collection. Don’t forget to decorate your Facebook, Instagram and other social media feed with the beautiful pictures. Spread the summer vibe!

#3 Explore the colors of nature:

Summer is the season to witness nature at its colorful best. Get hold of a pack of paint cards, commonly available at hardware stores. When you set out exploring nature with family and friends, encourage kids and others in the group to match the colors on the cards with those in the natural surroundings. According to studies, looking at colors can be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, making for a healthier body through blood pressure and heart rate control.

#4 Experience the ‘farm to fork’ way of life:

Visiting a local farm, foraging for food, and cooking your own recipes with it can be a great experience – very different from the usual ways of spending a holiday. It can change your perspective on healthy and local eating significantly, paving the way for a sustainable, fulfilling existence. If you are one who loves the sights and sounds of a farm, volunteer for a weekend of farm stay/visit in the summer.

#5 Hang a hummingbird feeder:

particularly if you stay in the eastern U.S. and southern Canada regions where these birds migrate during the summer breeding season. These little attractive birds can fly in all directions – upward, downward, backward, sideway, and can even hover midair – a spectacular sight to watch. Attract hummingbirds by hanging a hummingbird feeder – tie red ribbons to it and fill it with fresh hummingbird nectar and keep the feeder within ‘bird’s eye view’.

#6 Collect more memories, not things

Do you remember the last time you simply sat by a beach or park and watched the world go by, instead of clicking pictures and sharing them through your phone? Summer is the best time to do just that – go slow and take in the sights and sounds of nature to create truly memorable moments.

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