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Ever wondered what brings stability and support to our body or what holds our body cells, multiple muscles and bones together?  In Ayurveda, the answer to these questions lies in kapha dosha. Made up of earth and water elements, kapha dosha is an easy-going yet powerful energy that resides within our body. It not only keeps joints lubricated but also provides robust support to intestinal lining and mucous membranes. The stable and conserving quality of kapha dosha is what manifests into compassion and passion.

Kapha dosha translates into strong built and calm personality

People with dominant kapha can be typically identified with large eyes, thick hair, smooth and dense skin as well as with round features and deep-set joints. They have good stamina and regular digestion but face manifold challenges in losing weight owing to slow metabolism. Apart from having a strong built, they can sleep for longer hours without getting distracted.

Two main reasons for kapha imbalance

However, kapha balance can be easily disrupted by overconsumption of fatty and sweet foods, cold drinks and lack of exercise. Fatty foods and sedentary routine in turn, can lead to multiple health disorders such as dull digestion, constipation, edema, pneumonia, low appetite, depression and congestion. A good way to reduce kapha’s heaviness is building a diet around fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and hot beverages such as ginger tea, black tea and cinnamon tea.  Another approach to emphasize warm quality of kapha is consuming cooked foods and drinking water that is at room temperature.

Balance kapha with light fruits and ginger

As Kapha’s inherent quality is lubrication and oiliness another key to balance it is consuming light fruits such as apples and pears and reducing food rich in oil such as avocado, coconut, olives, buttermilk, cheese, eggs and cow’s milk. Apart from the diet, kapha balance largely depends on mealtime consistency and digestive fire. Eat meals at regular intervals that include light breakfast, heavy lunch and light dinner. Chewing a slice of ginger before every meal is also a great way to rekindle digestive fire and balance kapha. This helps in enhancing metabolism, balancing body weight and regulating digestive system.

Get active to Balance Kapha

Balanced kapha is profoundly beneficial in regaining body strength. Practice sun salutation and pranayama to increase body heat and regulate blood circulation. The result: increased energy and vigor. In addition self-oil massages and vigorous exercises such as martial arts, biking and hiking are perfect ways to remove stagnation and revive the body, intensive exercise will bring sustainable energy.

Herbal Support for the Spring Season

This spring, try taking boost your energy and to support your immune system in the morning time. My healthy Immunity has an organic blend of Amla, Tinosphora, Andrographis, Holy Basil, and more Ayurvedic herbs & probiotics that synergistically provide complete immune support.

To support the liver, which is vital to detoxification trying My healthy Digestion, this will helps to cleanse the body of toxins and supports healthy digestion as it has an organic blend of  Turmeric/Curcumin, Triphala, Tinospora, Licorice Root, and more Ayurvedic herbs that provide complete digestive & liver support.

Enjoy spicy herbal teas throughout the day and experiment with supportive spring combinations like lemon/ginger, coriander/cumin/fennel, or ginger/black pepper.  After meals, try a tea with some cinnamon to bolsters digestive strength.

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