Why Is Spiritual Health Important?

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If one cannot define spirit as a tangible entity, how can one define its spiritual health? Well, let us, first and foremost, take a look at what spirit is not, shall we? 

Spirit is not of this physical nature we live in because it is incapable of being identified by the five primary senses. It isn’t energy either because energy can too manifest in the material realm. Therefore, spirit can only be known within the scope of space itself – where there is no ego, personhood, identity, meaning, emotion, and all that is part of the material sphere (matter). 

Why is spirituality important

And you might wonder, why is spiritual health crucial if it is not of this physical plane? Because spirit is what makes you whole in this dimension, with or without your recognition. 

Spiritual health consists of principles such as wholeness, peace, honesty, and integrity. And the individual shall then act accordingly to follow, stand by, and embody these principles to live in sync with spirit

Asking yourself these questions could help you get clarity towards spiritual health:

• What makes me feel whole?

• What makes me feel nourished and rejuvenated?

• What makes me feel at peace and joyful?

While feelings are part of this physical realm, they reflect where one stands in the realm of spirit. So, for instance – when one’s spiritual realm is disturbed, it will reflect in distress in their physical body/experience. 

Spiritual health is about:

• Bringing the physical, mental, and all other energy bodies into resonance with one another.

• Remaining in a receptive state so that you are enabled to respond consciously to all events, emotions, and circumstances – whether positive or negative.

And it helps to:

• Find the answers and solutions you seek inside. 

• Recover from any disease/ailment faster (when your body is in a state of homeostasis).

• Have more clarity, awareness, presence, and creativity.

But with so much information out here on the web, we understand that one may get full of data and not know where to start. So we encourage you to return to the simple – always. 

You can begin to take your spiritual health into your own hands and heart by:

• Giving yourself quiet time and do nothing – whether that is five minutes to an hour. It can be meditation, looking up at the sky, or simply sitting in your bedroom, garden, or neighborhood park. Just as long as you strain from any doing/action.  

• Contemplating and Introspecting – exploring and evaluating your thought process. It is often thoughts about the past or future that keep us stagnant and in low-frequency states, neglecting the present moment. Take the time to reconnect your thoughts, body, and emotions with spirit (space). 

• Expressing yourself – when there is a sincere inclination to speak from the heart, make some art, dance, write, share, play music, etc., do it. Let the energy move through you, and you will shine!

You do not have to be an expert nor follow one – you only have to be willing to listen to your own internal rhythm and follow it

Author: Janine Pichetterik

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