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Everybody wants good digestion. Here are top 5 Ayurvedic digestive tips to improve digestion and live a better life.

Ayurvedic Digestive Tips

Tip 1: Stimulate Your digestive System Before You Eat

Certain poses are ideal for the digestive system because the twists create agony or fire. The twisting creates the Agni that gets our gastric juices flowing. One of the stretches you can do is the Marichi Twist. It helps to open up the digestive system. Often, we ignore the body and eat when the body is not ready. This pose will help you eat when the time is right. 

Tip 2: Eat Foods in the Right Order

Combining foods is treated seriously in ayurvedic. The two basic rules are: 

Always eat proteins before anything else. The stomach only produces a certain amount of hydrochloric acid at a time. Protein is the only food that requires hydrochloric acid to digest; therefore, it’s best to eat it first. 

You should never eat fruits after a meal except for papaya, mango and pineapple. Fruits digest faster than other foods which means your body will focus on breaking them down first. The exceptions contain digestive enzymes that can speed up digestion.

Tip 3: Sip Digestive Tea with Your Meal

Drinking cold water during a meal is a disaster for your digestive fire. The temperature inside a healthy body is 98.6. The tap water ranges from 40 to 50. Putting that temperature in your body messes with the balance that’s there. It’s kinder to your stomach to sip warm water or tea during a meal. 

Digestive Tea recipe


½ teaspoon of phenol 

½ teaspoon of ground coriander

A pinch of ground cardamoms

1 crushed cardamom pod 

2cups of water


  • Boil spices for 10 minutes 
  • Strain
  • Sip it alongside or after your meal. 

Tip 4: Practice Certain Poses After You Eat

The best and only pose to do after a meal is the Reclined Hero Pose or Supta Virasana. By doing this pose immediately after a meal, digestion is enhanced. Spare 2-5 mins for hero pose to get the benefits. If you’re unable to do it, go for a walk. 

Tip 5: Lie on Your Left Side for 10 minutes

Lie on your left side for 10 minutes to optimize digestion. Cushion under your left armpit to create more space for your stomach and allow your stomach to relax. Lying on your left lets gravity draw bile into your stomach from your liver.

The secret to health lies in our digestive system

So many of us have struggled, maybe for years, with “abnormal” digestion: constipation, acid reflux, irregularity, bloating, or abdominal discomfort.  There is nothing more frustrating than living with these symptoms and not allowing your body to absorb the nutrients it needs. Fortunately, Mother Nature is here to support us. YouVeda’s proven combination My Healthy Digestion Kit uses ancient wisdom Ayurveda and modern science to naturally:

  • Promotes healthy bowel movements.
  • Supports overall gut health .
  • Cleanses the gut & the liver.

Get a quick start to better digestion with these top Digestive tips.

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