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What to Eat for your Dosha

Three energies (aka doshas) swirl together, fusing the world as it is. These three energies not only structure a balanced planet – but they also construct YOU! This information is the basis of Ayurveda, which was written in the Vedas thousands of years ago. What Am I Made Of? Remember the five elements that create nature? Air, water, earth, fire …

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Ayurvedic Cranberry Chutney

The Holiday season is a time for gathering – coming together in sacred space with friends and loved ones, reflecting on our gratitudes and experiences of the past year, and of course, sharing nourishing food. I have vivid memories of such meals, with many gathered round the table, passing homemade dishes and sharing in laughter. More than anything on the …

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Warming Pumpkin Spice Shake

Autumn is synonymous with cool and crisp mornings, soft breezes that float crimson leaves through the air, and a chill that sets in as the months progress towards winter. In Ayurvedic terms, the season of fall is a time of Vata dosha, a combination of the elements of air and ether, with qualities of lightness, dryness, and mobility. As the …

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The Ultimate Guide To Eating In-Season in Autumn

Why Choose In Season Produce? Summertime is abundant with fresh, flavorful in-season produce. The grocery store seems to be brimming with tempting watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries, arugula and zucchini. As the temperatures cool, you may be wondering what seasonal produce you can fill your plate with. Autumn is the harvest season and offers many delicious and nutritious seasonal produce to sustain …

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The Six Tastes of Ayurveda

What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten? Imagine it now: what do you see, what do you smell, what do you taste? Taste has a strong pull for humans. We have emotional connections to tastes; your mom’s chocolate chip cookies she always made for your birthday, the taste of the Brussels sprouts your grandma made you eat against your …

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Pitta Balancing Summer Smoothie

Summer is a time of beach trips, vacations, picnics, sundresses, longer, warmer days. According to Ayurveda, the seasons are connected to the doshas, or the mind-body types. The hot summer months are considered “pitta season.” The pitta dosha is characterized by physical heat, a fast metabolism, and strong digestion. In order to balance the fierce, fieriness of the pitta dosha …

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Beating Sugar

When I found out my husband was a Faithless Bastard after three decades of marriage, it was sugar, beautiful sugar, that pulled me through. I felt sad all the time, but an entire container of Talenti gelato made me feel instantly better, and conveniently replaced my need for love and sex. “You deserve this,” it comforted me. I could feel …

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Choco Coco Balls

Healthy, easy and delicious step by step recipes to try at breakfast, lunch on the go, afternoon snack or dinner time!

Alexandra Falchi Lifestyle, Recipes & DIY

Cinnamon Bananas

Healthy, easy and delicious step by step recipes to try at breakfast, lunch on the go, afternoon snack or dinner time!