Honoring the New Moon in Scorpio

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Scorpio is the zodiacal sign of mystery and magic. This year, the sun transitioned into this fixed water sign from October 22, 2020 through November 21, 2020. The astrological signs mirror the elements of earth, water, fire and air. In this article we will explore our “waters” and practices to honor the New Moon in Scorpio that will be arriving this weekend.

honor the new moon in scorpio

The patterns of the  element within nature illuminates the behaviors and possible characteristics of each sign. For this example, we’ll use water as it corresponds to our New Moon this week. Pause for a moment, close your eyes and imagine a body of water. Examine that body of water and spend a few minutes observing the qualities that you notice without judgement. Continue reading once you’ve finished. Perhaps your imagination served you a special space in your memory. Crystal blue ocean water crashing against the sand, the steadiness of a river as it cuts through the hills and trees, Old Faithful! Water takes on many forms, it flows. It holds incredible power. When heated for prolonged periods of time, it boils. When heat is taken away, it freezes over. When there is too much water, it rages out of control. When there is not enough, water lacks it’s ability to flow freely. Each of these attributes, again, offer insight into our “waters.” Energetically water represents our emotional experience and is associated with our Second/Sacral Chakra. The location of the Sacral Chakra is the hips, pelvis and reproductive organs. Scorpio lives life through their emotional experience. 

Astrology charts are snapshots of the sky at any given moment from a specific location. The snapshots are called natal charts and offer insight and information into the energetic influences that could potentially occur. Aspects are specific angles of a planet’s relationship to one another, either favorable or challenging. Each layer uncovers important information for us to consider. The new moon in Scorpio arrives at 12:07 AM EST on Sunday, November 15 (9:07 PM PST on Saturday, November 14 for the West Coast). 

New Moon Practices

There are many ways to ritualize and honor the new moon period. Practices that support reflection, such as journaling, breathwork or meditation are simple ways to align yourself with this moon cycle. Here are a few suggestions for a New Moon Ritual in Scorpio this weekend.  

  1. Set aside time for yourself after the New Moon has occurred (anytime after 12:07 AM EST Sunday or 9:07 PM PST Saturday). The closer to the time, the more potent the energy. It’s important to wait until after the time has passed, otherwise you will still be in the waning energy of the moon which is focused on completion and release.
  2. Create a sacred space. Light a candle or incense, play ambient music or mantra in the background,  turn off devices and eliminate distractions.
  3. Understand what will allow and set up the conditions for clear guidance to channel through you. Yoga, meditation or breathwork may help you drop into your body and transmute any excess energy.
  4. Once you feel connected to yourself ask the question who am I and what do I want? Spend some time reflecting on how your emotional experience has impacted you recently? If it is helpful come back to the visualization of the water. Where do you see yourself at the Full Moon in Scorpio (approximately April 2021). 
  5. Create your wishes in present/past tense verbiage to accentuate the belief in yourself and the power within you to accomplish your dreams. Ex: “I express my emotions without fear of judgement.” The number of intentions is up to you. Be specific and concise. 
  6. Say each of the intentions outloud and pause after each to feel how the statement resonates within your body and visualize it happening in your life. How does each feel? If it does not feel aligned, adjust or take it out completely.
  7. Once you have finished, release attachment to your wishes and seal your ritual in a way that feels authentic to you. 

What are you wishing for this month?  Tag @catiemacken on social media and use the discount code CATIE20 for a discounted subscription to Prezence, a digital wellness app featuring a virtual journal, daily pauses and reflections, live meditations, pre-recorded meditations and intention setting.  

catie macken

Author: Catie Macken (YouVeda Wellness Contributor)  

Catie is educator, writer, curator of thoughtful experiences, and passionate practitioner based in Boston. An international yoga/meditation teacher and the Chief Mindfulness Officer for Prezence, Catie has been trained in multiple styles of yoga and meditation including Vinyasa, Katonah, Kundalini, Acro, and other healing arts. Forever a student, she seeks out new mentors and pulls inspiration from her own life, personal practice, nature, astrology and tarot. Her raw authenticity, vibrant personality and accessibility instantly connect her with students and peers. Outside of the studio, you’ll find Catie reading with a warm cup of coffee, spending time in nature, traveling the world, laughing with friends, dabbling in mystical practices, writing, dancing anywhere/anytime and dreaming up her next big project. She is on instagram @catiemacken or on her website, www.catiemacken.com.

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