Nutrition and Essential Oils – How do these two worlds combine?

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Embarking on the journey to living a more healthy lifestyle can be scary, it can be challenging, but it can also be so incredibly rewarding and exciting. If you’ve done any research within the health and wellness world in the last couple of years, likely you’ve come across the essential oil craze. These wonder oils can be used to treat anything from mosquito bites to anxiety. One use that you may haven’t heard of yet is using essential oils to improve digestion and gut health. Learn more about Nutrition and Essentials Oils – How do these two worlds combine.

Essential Oils At A Glance

nutrition and essential oils

People have been using essential oils to treat various ailments for thousands of years, crazy, right? Since ancient times essential oils like chamomile, jasmine, lemon, lavender, basil, and peppermint, just to name a few, have been helping people manage chronic pain, reduce anxiety, heal headaches, and so more. 

A Healthy Gut Is Key To Overall Wellness

While the road to a man’s heart may be through the stomach, the path to wellbeing stems from the gut. Did you know that your gut makes up 70% of your entire immune system? The gut is responsible for removing toxins, undigested food, and other harmful matters from the body. If your gut is blocked, your body can’t rid itself of these substances.

What does that mean? Well, even if you do everything right nutrition-wise, like eating healthy and exercising if your digestive tract is compromised, most likely your health is too. The good news is that essential oils help protect and heal the gut, allowing better whole-body wellness from the inside out. 

The Top 5 Essential Oils for Gut Health

  • Ginger – Fights off nausea and stimulates the production of the gastric juices.
  • Clove – Clove calms inflammation in the gut lining. It can be used to treat nausea, bloating, and diarrhea. 
  • Peppermint – It relaxes the smooth muscles of your intestines. It’s commonly used to help with gas and heartburn. 
  • Fennel – The licorice-like scent is cooling and helps reduce spasms in the gut.  
  • Lemon – Morning sickness and nausea doesn’t stand a chance against lemon essential oil; it will help stop it in its tracks. 

Supporting Your Gut With My Essential Oils: Digestion

Essential oils can seriously aid your digestive health, from relieving pain, treating nausea, preventing diseases, and protecting your body against bacteria. The Digestion rollerball by YOUVEDA combines some of the best essential oils for your gut in one super blend. Dill Seed, Fennel, Ginger, Lemon, and Clove work together to support healthy digestion. 

How to Use The YOUVEDA Essential Oils Rollerball?

You can apply the oil any time of day when you feel like your digestive track could use a little boost, if you have a stomach ache, or if you’re experiencing nausea. To use, apply the oil in the palms of your hands and rub hands together, allowing the essential oil blend to penetrate the warm skin on your hands. 

You may be wondering why you don’t apply it directly to your tummy? Good question, it makes sense to use it at the source of the problem, but when you apply the blend in the heart of your hands, you immediately open the marma point (the points where veins, muscles, bones, and joints meet) that connects to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is responsible for stimulating circulation throughout your entire body. 

Without a healthy digestive tract, our bodies can’t properly absorb all the great fruits, veggies, and healthy foods we need to thrive. Essential oils can help get your gut back on track. 

I hope this post helps yo understand the connection of Nutrition and Essentials Oils – How do these two worlds combine.

A happy gut = a happier life! 

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