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When unexpected events occur, such as the current pandemic, how do you choose or create your own adventure? How do you find balance, making the most out of your situation? In what ways can you create a mindset that ultimately supports your overall health, well-being, and immunity? how do you naturally boost your health ?

create your own adventure boost naturally

Ayurvedic medicine is a science of balance. And while it’s important to remain aware, cautious, and well-educated on the realities of the pandemic; you can easily find balance with a simple change in mindset. Create your own experience!


An environment of positivity, playfulness, and laughter not only allows each moment to become more enjoyable, but it’s a simple way to naturally strengthen our immune system! Stress hormones decrease and immune cells, endorphins, and infection-fighting antibodies increase, ultimately improving our resistance to disease.

Play came so naturally to us as children. When we were confused or afraid, we’d naturally turn that experience into a game, using it as an opportunity to experiment with new solutions. We’d find creativity in times of boredom, exploring the vastness of our own imaginations, creating colorful masterpieces, and using our natural resources as our playground. We would connect with others through laughter, compassion, and unconditional love.

And we still can! In mindfully choosing how we roll with the flow, especially in times of fear, isolation, and separation, we have the power to create change within ourselves that can naturally boost your health and put our health at the highest advantage!


Tap into your creativity – Change of plans? Create your own stay-cation. Go on a local hike or a trip to the beach. Play in the yard with your kids. Put on your favorite music and witness what your inner child will discover.

Strengthen connections – Times of stress can allow others to work together, form stronger bonds, and support each other. Finding humor, laughter, and joy in the little moments not only gives up a natural endorphin boost, but also makes life so much more fun! Reach out to others with compassion, smile often, and use this time to connect on deeper levels.

Get outside and play – Fresh air is not only good for the soul, but the healing abilities of the our natural elements, along with gentle exercise, supports a thriving immunity.  Whether it’s taking a beautiful hike or a spontaneous trip to the beach, the fresh air, sunshine, and grounding will reconnect you with nature, and will feel incredible.

Do what brings you joy – What activities completely light you up? What books have you been wanting to read?  How do you love to move your body? Use this time to make the time for happiness. Play games with your children, call an old friend to reconnect, or dive deeper into your hobbies. Whatever makes you feel amazing, choose that.

Rest – Allow yourself solid night’s of sleep. Making time for yourself to restore, relax, and heal is pivotal to our wellness. This is your opportunity to do breathwork, rediscover yourself, journal, meditate, and develop a routine to relax.

Protect yourself from negativity – Various theories, fears, and collective energies can easily disrupt our own energy, throwing us out of alignment. Discovering your own truth and avoiding people, situations, or media that bring you down, will ultimately help you maintain an uplifted state of mind.

Increase your energetic frequency – Our energetic self, emotions, thoughts, and physical body are interconnected and support each other. Become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, shifting them when needed. Energy healing, such as reiki, can also be significantly beneficial to your overall health. This type of healing can be done remotely, and not necessarily  in-person, so connect with a reiki practitioner to discover your options!

Support your body nutritionally – Nourishing your body with whole foods and healthy hydration is the foundation to staying well, avoiding sugars, alcohol, and processed foods that increase inflammation. Taking additional supplements, herbs and adaptogens will also strengthen your immunity. Try YouVeda’s My Healthy Immunity supplement packs or Essential Oil blends to allow and support the body to heal as it was designed. 

You have the ability to inspire yourself, change your mindset, and rediscover your playful, adventurous side. It will not only make a huge impact on your own health, you naturally boost your health and also uplift and support the world around you.  Embrace the present moment, have fun, laugh often, and spread love wherever you go! Live. Life. Fully.


Author: Carolyn Crews (YouVeda Wellness Contributor)

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