Holistic Practices for the Holidays

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We are all excited about this end of the year holidays, the end of the year and we need a break from reality. Today we share holistic practices for the Holidays. Maybe this Christmas dinner is not as big as we are used to, but you can still share it with your loved ones. Perhaps this New Years’ party cannot be a super party or have that trip so planned, but you can take a getaway to a nearby place and enjoy your family and friends.

There were many changes and a high and low of emotions that we had to deal with, but despite everything, we remained strong, and I hope we have learned to appreciate more the little things, the details, and also respect all kinds of life and let’s change our actions.

Holistic Practices for the Holidays

Making your mind healthy

For these end of the year parties, it is very important to try to renew ourselves mentally. As I said before, we have to appreciate the little things more and value the worthwhile stuff. It no longer matters if you have a new car, the largest house, you have the latest luxury bag that happened to be the least important. What matters the most is your health, family, and being thankful for all the things you have since someone in some part of the world does not have even half of what you have.

Mentally you must clear yourself of all the negative things that could have happened, and you must learn to let go. This year, set the goal of starting over from scratch with new plans that help you grow and become a better person for yourself and others around you.

Practice meditating to free your mind. You can do guided meditations or just relax and try not to think about anything, give your mind a rest from day-to-day. Fill yourself with positive activities that provide you with personal growth, such as reading, drawing, painting, dancing, laughing with your family, and having game nights with them. Forget about your cell phone or any other device; since these are the most toxic, you pollute with bad news and negativity, don’t forget to change your preferences to decide what you want to see and whatnot. We all agree they are essential tools in our day-to-day life, but one must also know when to stop.

Connecting Mind and Body 

Once you have been able to program your mind correctly, it is time to focus on your body. Your body speaks to you when you have too much stress, anxiety, depression, etc.—learning to listen to your body and give it what it needs. These parties should help you positively recharge your energies.

Focus on doing exercises that you enjoy, like yoga, dancing, riding a bike, just walking outside. Remember that with the pandemic, we must have a healthy body and eat more nourishing foods high in vitamins. This can be an excellent activity for these dates; you can make nutritious but delicious snacks at the same time and share with your friends and loved ones. Remember that to heal, your mind and body must first be healthy. You must feel good and full of energy to help others.

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Activities that are rich for your Spirit 

Always do activities that make you feel good, donating things, buying someone a plate of food, and volunteering to help both people and animals. Dedicate a part of your time to an activity that fills you with pride and affection, where you can say, “wow, today I did something incredible” this is the most beautiful and fastest way to be able to heal spiritually and grow.

Laugh, tell the people around you how much you love them and how important they are to you. You already have the mind and body renewed and connected. The spirit will also connect  if you make these small changes in your day to day and your attitude, such as getting up on Monday and saying “I love this Monday.”

We should do this not only for these dates but year-round. I am sure that this would generate a change on a personal level and that your attitude would help many since you are vibrating in a tune of harmony and positivity. We need to give more love and less hate, appreciate ourselves more as people than for the things we have or don’t have. It’s time to make a change.

I hope you enjoy this article about holistic practices for the holiday’s and start the new year with a new found love for the little things.

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Author: Isabella Caprario/ Content Marketing @ Porch

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