How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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A common thought is… “How am I going to stay healthy on my vacation?” That question is more common than you’d think. I’m a big fan of countries like Indonesia and India and keeping healthy is extremely important over there. In this article, we discuss how to stay healthy while traveling?

While traveling, you are exposed to many new bugs that your body isn’t used to, as well as different food choices and preservatives. You must also consider different climates if you are going somewhere that your body isn’t used to.

There are 3 key aspects to keeping healthy on the go:

Nutrition and Hydration

Food options when you are traveling can be pretty poor, processed and full of dairy, gluten and all things that many of us try to stay away from.

Not just this, but food born illnesses like Bali belly and food poisoning are extremely common so it’s really important to keep your immune system and gut microbiome functioning as best you can.

There are a couple of things you can do to stay on track and get quality foods while traveling:

  • Shop local
    If you are in an area where you have access to a grocery store, stock up on veggies, fruits and whole grains so that you have the best possible nutrient packed foods that you can. Shopping for your own meals also can save you a bit of cash compared to if you are eating out every meal.
  • Pack Snacks
    A couple of foods you can take with you are nuts, seeds, jerky and good quality protein bars. You can take these most places, just be sure to pack them in your suitcase.
  • Vitamins and Minerals
    Gut health and immunity is so important, if not, the MOST important part of the nutrition side of staying healthy while traveling. Your immune system is your body’s first line of defense against your environment.

It is also super important to stay hydrated while you travel. Especially if you are traveling by airplane. The air at higher altitudes becomes very dry. So instead of inhaling moisture rich air and expiring moisture rich air, you inhale dry air and still exhale moisture rich air.

If you are traveling to a warm country, it is also likely that you will sweat. If this is you, it is important to remember to hydrate yourself with electrolytes as well.

Coconut water is an excellent solution for this, as it contains many naturally occurring electrolytes. If this isn’t an option, you can buy electrolytes in powdered (and flavored) form from a health food store or online.

YouVeda has a beautifully crafted Immunity blend that both supports a healthy immune system but also enhances the way that your body absorbs nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It is also tridoshic (along with all of the other blends available) which means it is perfect for every body type

Movement and Sleep

Movement and sleep are both extremely important when traveling. We tend to get stuck sitting a lot on planes and in airports. A way to combat this is to walk around the airport or bring a travel yoga mat with you on your journey and do some yoga in the airport.

Another way is to just be active each day. Go for walks and explore the beautiful place that you are in.

A Healthy Mind

Maintaining a healthy mind whilst traveling is also important and often forgotten.

Many times we can find ourselves in stressful situations, jumping between flights, getting to the hotel, making sure you have all of your kids with you and keeping them safe.

This can put a toll on your body. When we get stressed, we go into a flight-or-fight mode. This means that our body goes on alert, we start breathing fast and shallow, maybe a little bit sweaty… you get the picture.

Belly breathing is proven to help lower stress levels and keep you calm. Give this a go next time you are feeling stressed or anxious. Fill your whole belly up, hold it for a moment, and then release. Repeat a couple of times.

YouVeda’s Mood blend helps to lower stress levels and supports your adrenal glands. It contains a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs, omega 3s, and multivitamins that work synergistically together to reduce stress and promote a calm, healthy brain.

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Author – Jessica Taylor (YouVeda Wellness Contributor)

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