7 Ayurvedic Tips to Balance and Support Your Immune System

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It is safe to say that our concern for our immune systems has increased in the last two years. We are more interested in the things we can do as a preventative measure against colds and flu. Bacteria and viruses that always surround us are responsible for causing an imbalance in our immune system, which leads to diseases. Ayurvedic medicine is the science of balance. Therefore, I want to share a list of Ayurvedic tips to balance and support our immune system. 

Tip 1: Breathing

When we perform breathing exercises, mainly when outside, we circulate more air throughout our bodies. We can affirm how vital breathing is by observing our bodies during a negative emotion. When we are stressed or in panic, our bodies start to contract, for we are not breathing enough. Apart from breathing exercises, we recommend doing pranayama, this breath helps equalize the right and left hemispheres of the brain and can support you in slowing down when your mind is feeling very busy or fast.

Regularly exercising is another way to facilitate breathing exercises. For instance, taking a 45-minute walk every day improves the body’s defense mechanism significantly. However, we must not over-exercise. Studies have revealed that exercising for more than 90 minutes a day increased the risk of respiratory infection. 

Tip 2: Reduce allergic load in the house

The chemicals, carpets, mold, gas heaters, fungi, and wood-burning fireplaces in our homes carry allergens. We can eliminate these allergens by using electrostatic and charcoal heaters to clean the air. We should also clean carpets often while being sensitive to the cleaners we use.Using natural cleaners such as soap and lemon is a great alternative. Frequently changing our filters is also vital to ensure the air that circulates in the house is clean.

Tip 3: Reduce sugar and dairy intake

A lot of sugar and dairy work against our immune system. Having seven spoons of sugar a day dramatically decreases the immune system ability to fight off viruses. We can replace sugar intake with healthier options like fruits and vegetables.  

Dairy, on the other hand, is an inflammatory food. According to Dr. Virender Sodhi, the best things to consume during this time are antioxidants such as vitamin c, some carbohydrates, and turmeric, among many others. Additionally, when we have a cold, we should drink warm liquids with ginger or garlic and green tea. They do a better job in helping our immune system fight the infection. 

Tip 4: Wash hands regularly

A study done by Purdue University in 60 day-care centers found that people who washed their hands regularly were 50 percent less likely to contract a cold compared to those who did not. Moreover, we should also avoid touching our nose, eyes, and ears to minimize the transfer of infections into our bodies. 

Tip 5: Get Ample Sleep 

Our bodies recharge when we sleep at night. Therefore, it is essential to get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to allow our immune system to recharge. We have seen, insufficient sleep raises the risk of contracting a cold. 

Tip 6: Minimize daily stress

Being conscious of our daily stress levels is very important. Our mental and emotional weaknesses have an impact on our physical bodies. If you haven’t already, try a yoga class, tai chi, and spending quality time with friends and family has been proven to be an effective way to reduce stress. Yoga and taichi help us focus on the present with its possibilities and stop worrying. 

A study done by Harvard University found that a significant source of happiness in people’s lives is the quality of their relationships. Moreover, people who report three or fewer social ties are four times more likely to catch a cold. Thus, we should strive to interact with people who help us thrive and make us happy. 

Tip 7: Do not use antibiotics indiscriminately

According to a journal published by the American Medical Association, 50 percent of patients suffering from cold, respiratory infections, and bronchitis demanded antibiotic prescription. However, most respiratory infections are caused by viruses while antibiotics are only effective against bacteria. The overuse of antibiotics may result in creating resistive bacteria, which is life-threatening.

These Ayurvedic tips will help us to create a balance within our bodies. Eating healthily, exercising, and being mindful of what we give our bodies is a way to make this balance. Above all, we should remember that our bodies are our best doctors and best pharmacies. If you need a boost to your immune system try My Healthy Immunity Supplements and My Essential Oils: Immunity

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