Lift and Shift Your Mood with 5 Easy Steps

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At the turn of the seasons, we may sometimes feel ‘off’. As the shift from winter to spring occurs, we can again witness the universe within us, as our own shifts begin to unfold. During these times of transition and change, it can be useful to practice rituals to nourish our state of being and our mood. Springtime naturally brings a spirit of unfolding, blossoming, and stepping into the new. Whether spring in your area is a bit grey and muddy, or you’re simply in need of an upgrade to your emotional state, give these simple practices a try to cultivate a deeper sense of well-being. We provide below the ways you can Lift and Shift Your Mood with 5 Easy Steps.

Lift and Shift Your Mood with 5 Easy Steps

1. Get into Nature

A walk in the park, a stroll around your neighborhood, a visit to a local park, a trip to the ocean — whatever is available in your area, put yourself in the way of nature. Nature, and trees especially, have a way of absorbing negative energy and offering replenishment. Humans are of nature, thus the return is like drops of water rejoining the river — back to that from which they came. As like merges with like, balance is restored. As you walk and surround yourself in the energy of the earth, express gratitude for her energy, breathe deeply into the fresh air and oxygen, and observe how easily your mood shifts.

2. Listen to Music, Dance, Move your Body

When stuck in an emotional state, energy becomes stuck or stagnant in the body. Movement helps move and flush the system of it. When we remain in a physical posture or way of holding ourselves, that emotional charge is linked to the posture, and can linger or be revisited subconsciously at a later time. Movement of any kind can literally shake things up and allow the energy to leave your body. Put on your favorite tunes, move and groove, and dance your way to a brighter mood! If another form of movement is more your jam, try that as well!

3. Connect

Improve your mood

Social connection is one of the greatest indicators of health — more than medical care, environmental factors, or even heredity. In this day and age, connection can be increasingly more difficult and less prioritized, as we are hyperconnected in the online sphere. We’re talking about face-to-face connection here. If you live rurally or it just isn’t possible to connect over tea or coffee, pick up the phone and call a friend or loved one; write a letter — send some snail mail. Shifting the focus to someone else, and letting them know how much you love and care for them does two things — not only does it lift your mood, but it also lifts the person to whom you are reaching out. Making connection a priority is one of the most profound things you can do to lift your mood and increase your overall well-being. Looking to ancient tribes and civilizations as an example, community and communal living where paramount principles — we can learn from the success of these tribes — living and working together, rather than living solely as individuals.

4. Take a Bath with Essential Oils

A warm bath relaxes and soothes the muscles, the mind, and helps slow down the nervous system. When in a negative state or a story that is not useful, the mind is often spinning, or moving quite quickly. Adding essential oils to the mix, whose chemical constituents can support ease, relaxation, and grounding, bring about an even greater effect. This can be a beautiful practice for the evening, before bed, to bring the mind and body back into harmony and cultivate a more harmonious state.

5. Herbal Allies

In addition to practical tools and rituals, plants and herbs can serve as allies, or support entities that can alleviate some of the weight we may be carrying. The My Healthy Mood Formula is a beautiful ally in this realm. An Ayurvedic blend of ashwagandha, bacopa, centella, convolulus, and rhodiola, these particular herbs support healthy brain and adrenal function. As adaptogens, they support the body in adapting to environmental and other stressors and support the return of homeostasis. Also containing Himalayan shilajeet, natural source of ionic minerals, this blend supports immune health, and increases nutrient absorption. The amino acid, L-Theanine, another key ingredient, found in green tea, promotes restful sleep and enhances mood. Mucuna, magnolia bark, and saffron work together to ease feelings of stress, calm the mind and supports mood. Paired with a multi-vitamin and fish oil, My Healthy Mood offers full-spectrum mood support.

As with any practice, ritual, or routines, it’s important to find what works for you. That may be one, all, or a combination of the practices — or, something else entirely! May you feel inspired to find the practice that cultivates the peace and well-being you are so worthy of.

My Healthy Mood

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Author – Alexandra Kazimir (YouVeda Wellness Contributor)

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