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Do you ever find yourself struggling to get everything done? Maybe you want to go to that event after work with your friends, but you just can’t seem to find the energy. If this is the case, you may be suffering from an imbalance of Kapha energy in your body. The key to staying motivated with Ayurveda is learning to recognize these symptoms, and finding an effective way to balance your unique dosha.

staying motivated with ayurveda

Kapha is the dosha responsible for making us feel grounded, loyal, loving and compassionate. It is also associated with the cold and damp, and feeling heavy, dull, slow and unmotivated. Whether or not your primary dosha is Kapha, we all have Kapha energies within us. Since Ayurveda believes that things with opposite characteristics can create balance with one another, the warmth of summertime is the perfect time to address any issues you may be experiencing with this dosha.

Foods to Balance Kapha Dosha

At the root of Ayurveda is the digestive fire, or agni. This is the primary source of heat and energy within the body, so by changing what you eat, you can more effectively harness this energy in your life.

staying motivated with ayurveda

Because Kapha energy is considered slow, cold, heavy and lethargic, people with an imbalance with this dosha should focus on dry, light and hot foods. Spices of all kinds are especially encouraged for Kapha doshas, but cold, heavy and greasy foods should be avoided. In particular, Kaphas should watch out for excessive dairy, pastries and fried foods. 

Warm summer weather in particular can help balance this dosha, but may make the prospect of eating a hot meal unappetizing. To that end, instead of focusing on very warm foods, emphasize spicy foods instead, like kimchi, curry, or anything with garlic, ginger or cinnamon.

Staying Motivated with Ayurveda

Lifestyle Changes

Beyond changing what you eat, there are other ways to stay motivated with Ayurveda. These include making some practical lifestyle changes to increase the flow of energy and beat the laziness of summer time.

staying motivated

The Kapha dosha is deeply connected to routines and schedules. This can often be a helpful tendency, but our routines can all too quickly become a rut if left unchecked. To increase motivation and energy, Kaphas should outline a basic schedule, such as when to wake up, when to eat, and when to work — but be sure to leave room for spontaneity. 

This could mean breaking the routine one day to walk the dog before work, setting aside a few minutes during the day for meditation, or planning to meet friends for a last-minute gathering in the evening. These little moments of spontaneous magic counteract Kapha’s rigid tendencies — and also allow you to make the most of your day-to-day life.

Warm-Weather Activities for Kapha

Staying motivated with Ayurveda is all about finding balance in your life. Because Kapha is known as a cold, lethargic dosha, almost nothing is more helpful for this dosha than creating heat and activity through exercise.

Some Kaphas may find themselves more likely to exercise in the summer as the warm and dry weather energizes them, but others may struggle with the change in climate. Either way, active workouts like running, cycling, and walking will increase the fiery energy within the body and work to temper Kapha’s lazy tendencies.

Swimming is also a great way to exercise in the summer, but Kaphas should be sure to completely dry off and change out of their wet swimsuits as soon as they are done. This dosha generally needs to stay dry and warm to remain balanced.

Finding Your Motivation With Ayurveda

Whether you are primarily a Kapha dosha, or you simply feel like there is an imbalance in your life, these tips for staying motivated with Ayurveda are sure to give you more energy. By eating right, staying active, and allowing for a little spontaneity in your life, you should find more motivation to do the activities you love in the summertime.

my healthy mood

If you still find yourself struggling to feel balanced, YouVeda’s My Healthy Mood is a doctor-formulated and recommended supplement that lowers stress, supports healthy adrenals and calms an overactive mind. The supplement is made with organic ashwagandha, saffron, bacopa and shilajeet, and can be used for all doshas. 

Instead of falling prey to the dog days of summer, beat the heat and find a new source of motivation and energy with Ayurveda.


Author: Alexandria Baker- Wellness Contributor- YouVeda

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