Ayurveda Your Way Out of Burnout

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Ayurveda Your Way Out Of Burnout

Reading Time: 4 minutes The emails are rolling in, the client load is picking up, and the list of tasks feels never-ending.  It’s amazing and liberating to be an entrepreneur! But you may find that the time you spend on your venture is easily pulling you away from your own well-being.   Good news! It IS possible to knock out goals, nurture your business, and …

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Fall Yoga to Balance Vata Dosha

Reading Time: 4 minutes Swirling leaves, animals foraging to prepare for cooler months ahead, children laughing, running, and jumping into piles of fallen leaf litter – these are the images of autumn, the most Vata time of year. In Sanskrit, the root of the word ‘Vata’ means ‘to move’. This time of year summons images that reflect this movement through principles of mobility and …

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How To Pacify Vata in the Fall Season

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fall is known as the Vata season. As the temperatures begin to cool, we see the leaves begin to dry and fall off the trees, the winds can pick up leaving us chilled and the weather itself feels erratic from cloudy to sunny within hours. We discuss how to pacify Vata in the fall season. The properties of Vata dosha …

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How To Change Your Life Holistically – Finding Vata Balance

Reading Time: 5 minutes My name is Honor and this is my story about how Ayureda changed my life and I found Vata balance. I have flashbacks of lying on my bed, in immense pain, holding a red hot water bottle to my stomach, and wondering, “What the heck is wrong with me?” I couldn’t eat – it was like my gut had completely …