new moon in october

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The New Moon Phase in October and How to Approach it

Reading Time: 4 minutes New Moon in Libra occurs on Friday October 16, 2020. In this article we share what the New Moon in Libra mean, what the New Moon brings and practices that will help simply align yourself with this moon cycle. New Moon In Libra Libra is represented by the scales and ruled by Venus, Libra’s soul mission is rooted in partnership …

Kelly Driscoll Ayurveda & You, Doshas, Lifestyle, Vata, Vata Dosa, Yoga & Meditation

Fall Yoga to Balance Vata Dosha

Reading Time: 4 minutes Swirling leaves, animals foraging to prepare for cooler months ahead, children laughing, running, and jumping into piles of fallen leaf litter – these are the images of autumn, the most Vata time of year. In Sanskrit, the root of the word ‘Vata’ means ‘to move’. This time of year summons images that reflect this movement through principles of mobility and …

cover 19: how to care for your self in isolation

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Covid-19: How to Care for Yourself in Times of Isolation

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s no doubt it’s been a strange few months. With Covid-19 How to care for yourself in times of isolation is more important than ever. Establish wellness practices that will serve and support you in these trying times.  Self-care in isolation is particularly important, and there’s no “right” way to practice it. However, there are a few wellness techniques and …

How to start meditation

Natalia Lewallen Ayurveda & You, Lifestyle, Yoga & Meditation

How to Start a Meditation Practice

Reading Time: 4 minutes We are well aware, stress is all around us. We are constantly experiencing it on some level, every day. And even though we deal with it in our own individual ways, overtime, this stress puts a serious toll on our bodies and our minds. Here is how to start a meditation practice and I share my personal journey discovering the …

Wake up New and Improved - Not All Sleep Is Equal

Natalia Lewallen Ayurveda & You, Daily Routines, Doshas, Yoga & Meditation

Wake up New and Improved – Not All Sleep Is Equal

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and wellbeing. But how highly do we prioritize our life around achieving a night of deep, high-quality rest? Wake up new and improved! In a world packed full of activities, work, responsibilities, families, and distractions, it is easy to fall into patterns that lead us to restless nights.  According to Ayurveda, deep, …

Kelly Driscoll Digestion, Lifestyle, Product Articles, Yoga & Meditation

Three Yoga Poses for Bloating

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everyone can relate to feeling bloated from time-to-time. Poor diet, not properly chewing our food during rushed meals, lack of exercise, busy lifestyles, and stress all compromise the digestive system. For many of us, being bloated isn’t an occasional occurrence; it is a daily discomfort. Yoga is useful for connecting the breath and the body. By slowing down the mind …

Guided Yoga:

Gunny Sodhi Lifestyle, Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Poses For Good Posture

Reading Time: 3 minutes How to Support your Joints through Yoga and Supplements As a former dancer, I was trained on the importance of having good posture. An elongated stance was imperative for proper appearance. Good posture is important for more than the stage, though. Regular slouching can contribute to joint and muscle pain, spinal abnormalities like scoliosis, and can even impact our digestive …

YouVeda 5 Minute Meditation Series

Miguel Vallve Lifestyle, Yoga & Meditation

Work Break Meditation – Rejuvenating Yourself – YouVeda 5 Minute Meditation Series

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today’s Meditation – Work Break Meditation -Rejuvenating Yourself  Instructions Hello and welcome to this mental health Work Break Meditation – Rejuvenating Yourself.  This session is best listened to during a work break or a brief rest from a busy day. Become as relaxed as possible, allowing your breathing to begin to slow.  Make sure that you’re in a quiet place …

YouVeda 5 Minute Meditation Series

Miguel Vallve Lifestyle, Yoga & Meditation

Strengthen the Mind, Body & Soul Connection – YouVeda 5-Minute Meditation Series

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today’s Meditation – Strengthen the Mind, Body & Soul Connection Instructions: Hello and welcome to this meditation.  During this session,  we will strengthen the mind, body, and soul connection in order to inspire spiritual growth. Go ahead and become as relaxed as possible, sitting or lying down allowing the body to settle in, releasing the tension, fitness, and cluttered thoughts. …

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