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Why is Turmeric So Good For You?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Turmeric is having its moment. From skincare to golden lattes (seriously, even Starbucks attempted their turmeric drink), turmeric is a hot commodity. This spice, once only found in Indian cooking, has emerged in the west as the latest health craze with a long list of benefits to back it up. Turmeric is right for you – In this article, We …

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Get to Know Your Capsule From the Inside Out – Contents of YouVeda Supplement Capsules

Reading Time: 5 minutes Get to know the contents of YouVeda supplement capsules YouVeda™ Ayurvedic General Support Blend 3 Vegetarian Capsules A unique and intelligent combination of Ayurvedic herbs to support cognitive function, stress, adrenal health, digestion, and immunity. YouVeda™ Multi-Vitamin 1 Delayed Release Vegetarian Capsule YouVeda Multi-Vitamin- containing readily absorbed vitamins, healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals all in a sustained release capsule …

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Three Yoga Poses for Bloating

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everyone can relate to feeling bloated from time-to-time. Poor diet, not properly chewing our food during rushed meals, lack of exercise, busy lifestyles, and stress all compromise the digestive system. For many of us, being bloated isn’t an occasional occurrence; it is a daily discomfort. Yoga is useful for connecting the breath and the body. By slowing down the mind …

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The Warming Ayurvedic Diet in the Summer Months

Reading Time: 3 minutes Maintaining a Warming Ayurvedic Diet in the Warming Months While the Ayurveda approach to diet varies with the body types – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – one feature remains consistent: Ayurveda, as a whole, encourages consuming warming foods. Spicy turmeric lattes trump vibrant green juice and grounding kitchadi and soups are advocated over cold, raw salads. Although these suggestions may …

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Beating Sugar – How To detox from sugar

Reading Time: 9 minutes When I found out my husband was a Faithless Bastard after three decades of marriage, it was sugar, beautiful sugar, that pulled me through. I felt sad all the time, but an entire container of Talenti gelato made me feel instantly better and conveniently replaced my need for love and sex. “You deserve this,” it comforted me. I could feel …

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The Secret to Good Health Lies in Your Gut

Reading Time: 7 minutes Last summer, Kathleen Stoeger was so weak because of two back-to-back urinary tract infections she couldn’t stand up. She was put on two different antibiotics because the first one didn’t work, but she kept waking up coughing. “One night, it got so bad I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was literally going to die. I thought it was my heart, …

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Healthy Gut & Mind: 5 Simple Solutions For The Most Common Digestive Issues

Reading Time: 3 minutes Through centuries, man has relied on his gut to make decisions. How many times have you, for instance, had a gut-wrenching experience or felt butterflies in your stomach? This connection between mind and gut is borne out by cutting-edge neuroscience. The human gut – dubbed the second brain – is home to more than a 100 million nerve cells, more …

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Staying Happy: 5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

Reading Time: 4 minutes Research shows that more than 19 million Americans have periods of depressed mood where they feel a lack of pleasure and experience self–defeating thoughts. In fact, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts that by 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of disability. These eye-opening statistics about grave mental conditions such as depression and …

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