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Why is Turmeric So Good For You?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Turmeric is having its moment. From skincare to golden lattes (seriously, even Starbucks attempted their turmeric drink), turmeric is a hot commodity. This spice, once only found in Indian cooking, has emerged in the west as the latest health craze with a long list of benefits to back it up. Turmeric is right for you – In this article, We …

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Spotlight on Ashwagandha, an Adaptogen for Stress Relief

Reading Time: 2 minutes Maybe you’ve heard of Ashwagandha before; perhaps it is a staple in your diet, or maybe, like a vast majority, you’re not even sure how to pronounce it. Ashwagandha and other adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms have gained attention in recent years, and for a good reason. Despite what the dust, potions, and tonics across your social media feed may …

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